CUCKOLD IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA - “Boardwalk Empire” Examines The Interracial Cuckold Fetish

On Sunday "night’s episode of Boardwalk Empire was one more reminder that some things are as old as time eternal–like, for instance, the desire to see a man of another race having sex with your wife. Dickie Pastor has a burning desire to see his lady with a dark skinned fellow, and Dunn Purnsley ends up being the fellow he picks. Unfortunately for Pastor, Dunn’s only into cuckolding when the husband’s not actually aware of it, so the situation gets pretty ugly pretty quickly (though, thankfully, not before giving us a blessed amount of Mrs. Pastor’s boobs, and some pretty hot sex to watch, too)." - Lux Alptraum,


What did you think? Did you see the original clips as well on HBO?