Crazy to find myself here

She was all hyped up over some guy for weeks. He finally came into town and they met up. I t was all about him for like two weeks, and just yesterday he left town.

I got to see her with him. I did not think he was such a big deal. I think women hype up the encounter. My wife is naturally sexual. I had another woman tell me that my wife was a natural "Hussy". Women want to be her and hate her at the same time and guys are just jello with her. She also told me that with all the sex, she will look 25 through her forties.... I hope that is true. (Just so you know I could not believe SHE was in her forties)

Anyway, I peeped on them and it was no big deal. I did not think it was that hot of sex. He got on top of her and they fucked. End of story. They did however fuck alot.
She's fucking an old friend. Right now, and literally old. hes 23 years older.
I don't like this guy. Why? I don't know. Somehow I think that turns her on.....

I don't know why she likes him. The guy she's sees the most (other than me) doesn't like him either. In fact he asked me to tell him if she still sees him. She told me not to tell him. i won't tell him, it is none of his business.

Anyway, they fuck alot, and he gets her horny when they are near me.... i have never liked that. I don't want to see her grabbing his dick through his jeans... I don't want to see her rubbing up on him. And i sure as hell don't want to hear him tell her sexual things....

I guess that is why I don't like him.
The black guys my wife has fucked and I mean her regulars had no intention of falling in love. I can't remember the last time a black man has went down on her. 99% of the black guys that she has been with the very first time she hooked up with them she did it all to them. She sucked their dicks rimmed their asshole let them fuck her pussy. If they wanted her ass she was ready and willing. They could cum where ever they wanted. If they wanted to piss on her that was ok to. She was a complete slut and her bulls knew that she was there for their black dick and that was it. Now after the black guy or guys were finished with her showed her some disrespect afterwards but she loved that. They also thought we both were freaks. She was fucking a black guy that lived 3 hours away and he always came to us he got the hotel room and she went there and they fucked for 2 or 3 days. After a few weekends in our town he wanted her to come to him.we loaded up and we both drove to his city. Now I had never seen him fucking her and this time would be no different. When he showed up at our room. He told me to go wait in the hotel bar for an hour and he would call me to come watch him fuck her. When he shows up he turns on his video phone and the wife and I answered his questions. He asked questions like you and your wife drove here you paid for the room and now you are leaving your wife here with me to fuck. He then said go to the bar and wait for me to call you but before you leave strip your wife for me. I did and I headed to the bar. I was there for maybe 20 minutes and a white guy comes up to me and starts talking. He said why don't you come over and sit with us. Him and his white friends had a table. While I sat there they were asking me questions about why I was here .I made up some story and after I finished they said bull shit. He hit play on his phone and there was my wife and I talking it was the 5 minute video her bull shot just before I left him and her together. I was embarrassed to death. They said that he was sitting at the table with them bragging about what was going to happen with my wife. They said he had his speaker on when he called us just before we got there. They were definitely red necks and started giving me a hard time about how I could let my wife do that and she must be some kind of trashy slut to want that. They said do you think this black guy has any respect for you or your wife? You should have heard the things he said about her and you your wife is nothing to him but a whore for black DICK. They then said do you think he is going to let you come back to your room and watch? No he isn't they have left and he is taking her to his friends house where he is going to sell your wife's pussy and your wife knows all about it. He told her before y'all came that he was going to take her and pimp her out to his friends. I called both of them and I didn't get any answer. I went to the room and they were gone. I checked the parking lot and my SUV was gone. I checked her overnight bag and her slut heels were gone plus her string bikini and this skirt I had bought her before this trip. I found out they were gone on Friday night about 10pm I didn't see her again until 2 am on Sunday morning. I did get a few calls from some black dude's a few times telling me what they were doing to her and how much she was enjoying her self. She was put on the phone one time to describe the 3 big black dicks that were fucking her ass and pussy at the same time but she said she had to go because the black guy she had been sucking was fixing to shoot his load on her face. I got to hear the guy telling her after he came in her face to clean his DICK off after he came. When she finally showed up at our room her bull didn't even walk her to the door he got in his car and left after he finished with her he . She had her slut heels on and the little skirt on and a cut off t-shirt that barely covered her tits. She fell on the bed and went to sleep and she was a mess. Her hair was matted with cum she had dried cum on her face and chest. Her asshole and pussy were swollen and leaking cum. I was mad and turned on at the same time. She enjoyed being her bulls white whore. On the way home she gave me some details and I found out that she was the entertainment for a batchler party and her bull was the best man. She said that when she was naked in a room full of black guys in a strange city alone her pussy was running like a leaking faucet. Now how could a man fall in love to a woman like that?
My wife is so beautiful. She is a joy to be with, and what makes her soul glow is how I treat her. She definitely is my goddess. And to me her orgasm is divine.

She is a sexual being. She is treated as such. She loves sex with gorgeous people that love sex. If you were here tonight in Vegas, with her glowing... you would know what is good for your woman.
Check out Morgan's Facebook site.
To my babes beautiful natural big boobs! I hate when other women make comments that she shows too much or make jokea about bimbos

SHE SPENT HER WHOLE LIFE BEING HARRASSED BECAUSE OF HER BIG TITS! Probably when she did not want or did not have the mindset to deal with that kind of attention.

So lay off her, let her be comfortable in her own skin, and if she wants to show alot of cleavage then she has earned it.

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I spent my life talking dancers and fellow college grads out of reductions-like I got. You girls are fucking the most beautiful in the whole fucking world.
I guess thats true....
Craig-hello. I know jealousy man. It-will eat the fabric of everything good that is within you. Find peace by esteeming the man as truly better-and she will be more deeper in love with you because of it. Real love-the stuff that fire bows to-never fails.Craig. You can believe this. It did not fail me.
I love my wife. We got married young.... made mistakes. How do I now find myself here. A little my doing and a little her doing. Were cruising right along but her ride is taking her places I feel a little uneasy. I'm kinky and I shared my porn with experience-you gotdaher. I cheated on her with a friend of hers so our relationship changed.

She really is swinging now. I found out she is clubbing at strip clubs, she goes shopping on MONDAYS and was startled I was home. She put the bags away but when she was showering later I looked and it was all sexy stripper clothes, panties, heels and she did not buy them! I then waited till she was asleep and got up and her texts were nuts. I think I lost control. I love her.... I find myself aroused but it might have gone to far, I mean I encouraged her to have an affair.
God-you need to be really fucking careful here-take it from one who truly knows. It can end up being a psychotic-socio acceptance of the twisted kind-with its roots in jealousy, fear but mostly self pity.And death is imminent-in every way and in every direction. Please. Proceed with caution-and lots of love. Watch your tongue. Words have power under power. You will lie to yourself and say the relationship got too kinky. Truth is-somewhere along the experiences-you got scared. Or you would Never for ANY reason-leave that womans side. For ANY reason.No more than a soldier would give up his gun.
So true, they accuse us men of thinking with our dicks, but once a woman gets fucked good it's all they care about.
Face it. Your sexuality will continue to bring out the truest colors of our deeper selves-the Dark web of self. Fear was always present. Self pity came later to attach itself by its sister.
u don't love everything about your situation. Honestly? Not a Goddamn bit-Karma is real. So- share the wisdom-or perish in self pity. Choice. Every thing-is a choice. Unless our freedoms-have been withdrawn
Then-slavery it is. But Wisdom is like trust. Sacred. And priceless. Like-Love. Forgiveness. Kit Kat bars. Baths while your spouse reads to you. Wine poured out of the shoe of your lady fair than into the asshole of the bull and lapped up by the cuchold.We call it-DOM-Perrignon
I love you guys and would love to talk-you are smart thinkers-and amazing achievers. I love your guys' porn. Hot as fucking in the Garden of Eden
Saw your media. I Love artistry. Making love is the root of the Arts. I hope the greatest things happen-for you. Unexpected. Maybe...A little Alfred Hitchcockish-but nothing to freak out about. You just got the Toucans fucking all over the Amazon Jungle and Gorillas Banging all over the Congo.
You tell me what is too far?

Agreeing to having sex with three guys, a foursome, led by her newest partner.... twice (It gets worse, she tells them do delete the pictures AND she also tells them that the second time was hundreds better than the first, .....she also tells them she's retired from foursomes... and that she got it out of her system

her telling him she loves him on text

her cheating on me with him. A guy we both met together... a guy that has come hung out with us. They meet without telling me and I found out