Crazy to find myself here

I love my wife. We got married young.... made mistakes. How do I now find myself here. A little my doing and a little her doing. Were cruising right along but her ride is taking her places I feel a little uneasy. I'm kinky and I shared my porn with her. I cheated on her with a friend of hers so our relationship changed.

She really is swinging now. I found out she is clubbing at strip clubs, she goes shopping on MONDAYS and was startled I was home. She put the bags away but when she was showering later I looked and it was all sexy stripper clothes, panties, heels and she did not buy them! I then waited till she was asleep and got up and her texts were nuts. I think I lost control. I love her.... I find myself aroused but it might have gone to far, I mean I encouraged her to have an affair.
What I find arousing is her sexuality. Not black guys. She likes black guys so I don't see anything wrong with that.

So we talked and I told her as long as she is safe, and that it is good for her and she is doing good that I would have no issues. I don't want to meet them and I don't care about them. She says they treat her good.

So in her texts to "g" thats what we'll call him. He asks her for her friends that like black men. He tells her to bring her friends along....

What the fuck is that like recruiting or what!


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Easy. need to take the positives from this. Just remember you encourahed her and find it hot that shes doing this.
You should also be proud that she has chosen the best sort of Man to give her pleasure - a Black Man.
If you are worried about her safety do what i did hundreds of times with my wife. I drove her to their homes and waited in the car for her to finish.
That way you know where she is, that shes safe and you get her back on the perfect condition "men" like us can hVe a wife....Black fucked, happy and content.
Enjoy this exciting episode of your life together with your sexy wife.
OK. an Observation from yesterday. Went to a pool party. We had a blast and I got to meet friends of hers I had not met. They are extremely gorgeous and very sexy,

The girls that were into black guys, were hanging out together....... they all dressed sexy, used foul language at times, were open about sex and in my opinion were pretty confident women. All were athletic in one way or another.

The other girls were not like them..... even though some were very gorgeous.

Oh and the sexy girls all had either big boobs or big butts or both! (No small butts)
ok. Update!!!

Haha so my girl finds out #1 is fucking one of her friends..... BIG SURPRISE!!!!

#1 is dumb footballer
#2 is ..we'll call him g

She doesnt want to see him anymore!!

Reasons I let her have a sex life:

1. I love her, and were both kind of free minded.
2. She looks radiant, she is really beautiful and she is confident as fuck.
3. She can do that in this fucking college town. No one really knows us that deeply. Were moving the fuck out of here as soon as possible.
4. We both love sex, and find nothing wrong with it

So this guy at school tells me about her affairs...... he starts telling me he saw her with #1 often . It got annoying I finally said, "I don't care!"

He was bewildered.

Later that week, I'm walking on campus with her. She's dressed hot as fuck and he sees us. I wave, and he looks at me all dumbfounded.

Well anyway Fuck #1, I did not like him anyway...


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I find it really hot, that my wife is so desirable. I love that she is pleasured often!

So her pleasure is mine. And she comes home happy as fuck (No pun intended)

I have enjoyed today, she did not go see dumbfuck #1

She is calm as fuck also. I bet you he's going to be all butt hurt and calling her like crazy!

Yes . Absolutely . They are so Happy and pleasant after they have been with their black studs. And they are so thankful that we let them do it . And its our pleasure too . Susan looks great when she dresses up for dates .
Love it that she is such a hot , sexy lady . Fucking the black guys comes as a bonus .