Coming home to sex

Ladies...have any of you been fucking when your husband came home from work or wherever? What were your reactions? Do you just keep on fucking while hubby watches or goes into another room to listen? Let's hear your stories.


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After I really started getting into fucking black guys my husband came home from work many days to find
me either being fucked or still be in bed after one of my black lovers had left. I always made him clean my pussy
with his tongue. He was always very discreet in that he wouldn't interrupt or butt in but he would stay in a
different room and allow us our privacy.

That's awesome and hot! Something I wish I came home to on a daily.

When my son's mom and I were together, I used to set up a hidden audio recorder when I'd go play with the band I used to play with while she stayed at home. Many of those nights I'd come home only to have to sleep on the couch as she would be snuggled up to a boyfriend in our bed.

Listening back to the recording the next morning was something I always looked forward to. Waking up to the sounds of them fucking with the bedroom door open was a bonus. :)

Anyone else?
Phyliss... your description was spot on to so many of my own experiences. Every week, I return home to my wife with her bbc lover. As with your situation, they are often times enjoying quiet talk time but occasionally they are in an active play. I give them privacy and gladly visit when the situation dictates. Our clean-up is mostly private from their play but has also been during the play. We are all three great friends now and share one of the greatest pleasures I could ever imagine....real cuckolding with no personal drama whatsoever. My wife videos each play so I can enjoy it all in due time as I choose. Its hands down the best I could ever ask for. Others?


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my husband had came home 2 or 3 times to find me fucking in the floor or on the bed ,,,,but the funny was one day I came home I had been out with a friend of mine when I walk in the house there was my husband down on his knees and a friend of his from work he was black and the both of them was naked and my husband was sucking his bbc that was the first time I knew my husband like to suck cock they both jump up my started to say I'm sorry when I said what going on boys and can I join the fun I got naked walkover push my husband out of the way and set down on his friend bbc and fuck the shit out of him and then made my husband clean the both of us what fair is fair for the other right or not?