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07-5.jpg Would enjoy reading comments from people, in particular white couples and Black men, that have either been in or would like to be in, or are considering a co-husband, namely a white couple with one or more Black co-husbands. A number of people are in or have been in poly relationships; a co-husband relationship would be one in which the Black man (men) assume a more Dom role over both the wife and husband. This could even include the wife marrying the Black co-husband without divorcing her white husband......


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I think this is an interesting idea, can see it happening possibly. The guy would have to be right though, know what he's doing, mature, forceful, a real man. But also hopefully earning the same or more money than hubby or the guy might take financial advantage.
It would take time to introduce him to family and friends but could be done. I introduced a guy to my son when he brought me home one morning, they got on ok and it went well.
Interested if other married couples have took this further. X


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I have my white husband who I love and have been married to for 20 yrs.and I have my black boyfriend who I love very much and Ive been with him for 6 years now!I also have several black lovers who take very good care of my needs.My boyfriend is around alot and gets most of my intimate affection and is in my bed alot more than my husband!
Perfect way to roll... big difference between a husband and a boyfriend....better to have both.


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My boyfriend is just like a husband,he kisses me like hes my husband,he holds me like hes my husband and he makes love to me like hes my husband and we love each other like husband and wife,I sleep in his arms and wake up sucking his cock like hes my husband while my actual husband sleeps in the guest bedroom lol he calls me his wife and has gotten me pregnant with his baby twice but I miscarried the first one and carried our second to seven months with a big belly and she was stillborn :( We are still trying as my hubby submits as Darrian breeds me throughout my fertile cycle!
This alternative lifestyle is something I've always found really intriguing. It could also be looked at as a form of polyandry (wife with multiple husbands). I definitely want to explore this when I meet the right woman and bull. Maybe not all the "marriage" stuff but a serious long-term poly-cuck-D/s relationship. The allure of being a white couple submitting to our black masters is real.
This is the coolest idea I have read here. For years, I have had the fantasy that my wife has a long-term, or permanent, second "husband", one who has the sexual responsibilities as he is sexually superior to me. Simply put, he is the Alpha Husband, and I am the beta husband. They would share the master bedroom, and I would sleep in an adjacent single room with a single bed. They would interact like husband and wife around home and even in public, going on holidays, shopping, holding hands in public, kissing at parties, etc. I would sometimes be there and sometimes not. At home, I would be the obvious beta, assisting them with housework, cooking, serving them while they make love, getting them breakfast after a long night of love-making.

Of course, I would also have normal non-sexual husbandly duties, emotional support of my wife, the normal social functions, keeping up the house, etc. And, if they have any children, I would be the most important figure in raising them. I would be the house dad and househusband. My wife's lover would be more the sexual partner and also emotional partner for her.

Ideally, she would love me but also be in love with her other husband. They would not only have sex, rough, hard, fantastic sex, but also make love. I would be privileged to be able to hear this from my room, to watch when they allow it, to see them kissing, hugging, holding hands on a daily basis. I would of course treasure the times I was allowed to be involved with their love making-- licking her pussy or asshole, sucking him to hardness, or giving him blowjobs for relief when our wife was away or in some way unavailable for sex. I would so happily suck all of his superior sperm out of her pussy or asshole, or drink it directly from the source when asked to. I am sure my wife would never want full sex with me, but I would be satisfied with ocassional handjobs and jerking off while watching or listening to them make love. I would gladly go pussy-free for them, and even delight if they belittled me and my weak, loser sperm, teasing me about how it always has and always will end up on the floor or in my own mouth and stomach, or in the toilet, while his ends up in her pussy, mouth and stomach, or impregnates her with his superior seed. Raising their children would be a source of immense pride for a cuckold like me.

Again, I would hopefully continue to have an emotional relationship with my wife, and provide her with anything her other husband can't. I can imagine her being very happy and fulfilled, more than most women.

Well, that'S the fantasy anyway. I would love to her form those who have anything a bit like this in reality.


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It's an interesting concept. Not one that would work for me. Me the two men would have to be on equal ground. Both having equal marital benefits as I'm not giving up sexual rights to my wife. I would prefer her having a full time boyfriend with the boyfriend having all rights and benefits that go with it as well as all the responsibility too. I would be open to her having a sexually aggressive and dominant boyfriend he would just have to understand she is married and her first responsibility is to the husband then him so maybe not 50/50 but 53/47.
My wife has had a long term boyfriend before. They had it set up to where every Tuesday was his or something and got certain weekends but her husband the majority of her time. I would be open something more like that but I enjoying watching so I would want to be there or at least be able to watch the sex aspect. My condition for allowing another man the same rights and benefits I have to my wife and he would have to be predominantly exclusive to her.


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I agree it is an interesting concept but seems like it would be near impossible to sustain in the long-run. I think traditional marriages between two people fail about 50% of the time. When you factor in a third person, I would think the failure rate would go up to 75% within 5 years. Just too much to disagree about. OK, if you have a super-submissive husband, maybe he could endure it and enjoy it even. But it seems inevitable that some profound disagreements would come up. It could even be the dominant male who would pull the trigger, wanting the sub out of the picture. So, sounds like it would be a great arrangement for a very few people but disastrous for most who might go down that road.