1. Long way to go.jpeg

    Long way to go.jpeg

    S1: She didn't quite get there this night... more training to come.
  2. She's ready 😍

    She's ready 😍

    Needing of a lesson 🙊😻💋
  3. Submission


    you already know 🤪
  4. HeTakesMeToTheFinestPlaces.MOV


    Well, I discovered a submissive side I never had with @[143799:@BlackInLA]; he actually does take me to the nicest places. He just fucks me in them too (and orders me around). And then he’s really tender. Stick around to the end. 😘
  5. DSCF3454.jpg


  6. Vietkill45

    White Submission

    Why are there so many white men and women intreagued not only by sex between white wives and black men but also by actually submitting and feeling inferior? It's not the other way round, is it? What are the different motivations of each acteur (bull, hotwife, cuckold)? I'm really curious as to...
  7. SweetGodessGp

    All white men into black woman report here!!

    Where are you located? Are you Submissive? What turns you on? Don't be shy show them hard dicks!!
  8. S

    Pussy-free whiteboi

    Just wanted to say hey. Been lurking for a while but my addiction to Interracial porn has gotten even deeper recently. I fully submit to superior black men and support black breeding of all white women. I realized that my barely functioning white clitty can never pleasure a women, and they...
  9. SWM4bbcslut

    Husband/bf control of the bbc whore wife

    I am your Master, I control you. You are a whore and a slut, etc. you will be referred to in these terms around black men. I have say over who you fuck and when. Once a year you will beg, plead and cry for permission to suck & fuck blacks because you are an addicted slut. Pray all you want...
  10. Trapped.jpeg


    @[143799:@BlackInLA] “You have no control. I have all the control.” Yes, yes you do.
  11. A

    Humiliated because wife is selfish

  12. BBC worshipping

    BBC worshipping

    BBC worshipping
  13. S

    Which do you prefer?

    I'm a switch but I know what happens when I test a Bull :sex:
  14. SWM4bbcslut

    Noncuck - what he and/or the bull does to humiliate and dominate her?

    Such as call her names, scream at her, rough sex. Throw a drink on her? Also post pics of such. It's fantasy, like half the BS on this forum, Don't like it? don't do it & go elsewhere, the purpose of the thread isn't to argue about it.
  15. IMG_20180511_003904.jpg


  16. Tied to the door

    Tied to the door

    She was a bad girl - and she enjoyed every minute of it.
  17. D1A3D8C7-DB28-4028-A3B4-6E97B2E92D26.jpeg


    No holes barred sessions
  18. Amateur girl gives sloppy blowjob

    Amateur girl gives sloppy blowjob

    Amateur girl gives sloppy blowjob
  19. 8104BE7E-9C61-4147-B313-58228FD29D47.jpeg


    Before the play began
  20. Slaveboy33

    Slave sub boy for BCC in Florida

    Hello, I'm a slave boy visiting florida and Orlando. Looking for dominant BBC that want to have fun with a cut white sub boy. Love to receive pissing from a black cock. I can host