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    Thick Russian
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    Young sub pounding
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    Russian milf
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  5. Giulianicole

    Interesting (probably true) lesbian story: italian rich wife in women's jail Script-style story inspired by a real prison experience ? Unfortunately the online translation is inaccurate (too many dialect and slang expressions)... As an example here the first lines of (edited) English...
  6. Submissive BBC slut

    Submissive BBC slut

    Submissive BBC slut
  7. O

    Married couple taking baby steps

    Hi everyone. The wife and I are very excited to join you all here at last (long term lurkers). We've plucked up the courage to make our fantasies a little bit more real. We're taking baby steps but are aching to get involved. We're both in our early thirties and get very very excited daily...
  8. Leather Strap or Wooden Paddle

    Leather Strap or Wooden Paddle

  9. Turning Point

    Turning Point

    She’s now starting to live and breathe this BBC. Her training is almost complete 🔪
  10. KXC302

    Where are my hot bbc and hot ladies in SoCal Ontario 💖🥵

    I am in Ontario I am looking for people to have good time😉
  11. Wife gets her big black bull to fuck her cuckold husband

    Wife gets her big black bull to fuck her cuckold husband

    She wanted her husband to feel what she feels when her bull fucks her
  12. SemperDominus

    Feel my strength

    I like the subtle act of overpowering you. Holding you down with one hand and pulling your panties off with the other. To handle you and be able to position you at will to my liking. To hear you moan and then you make the most wonderful noises when I forcefully insert myself into you as you're...
  13. T

    Confused and turned on all at the same time

    I am middle-aged white male who has recently found the whole BBC/BNWO turning me on more than I expected. My wife is unaware and I am a wannabe. I have always enjoyed IR porn, but in the past year my submissive side has really ramped up and I find submission to a black man intoxicating and...
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    @BlackInLA A little hair pulling also makes me wild for you! 🧟‍♀️
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    @BlackInLA What is it about some good face slaps? Oh, they make me wild for you. 😉
  16. K

    Seeking a verified SUB Cuck Couple in the USA or Caribbean TO HOST BBC

  17. Messy bj

    Messy bj

    One of the best white girl I’ve been with. She was 100% submissive and down for anything.
  18. SemperDominus

    When She Surrenders

    When she surrenders and gives herself to the one she adores, she feels a freedom never felt before. Even when she's on her knees, in bondage, ready to be used. It's in that moment when she has surrender that she feels so alive, because she feels protected like one can only experience when trust...
  19. H

    Show us your nice cakes 🎂😋

  20. SemperDominus

    You get to watch Daddy cum...

    Today it’s not about me touching you. Today, it’s about me sitting there, watching you touch yourself. You listen intently, knowing that my instructions require obedience. No room for error, or the session finishes. No quarter is given. Follow the direction given, or you will not be allowed to...