Can we post confirmed meetings b/w BBC and white Sluts?


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It would be nice if both parties posted here of their meeting. So tired of the fakers.
If somebody wants to post that they met another member they are free to do so. I would hope that if they do, they have the consent of the other party before posting who that member is, and any pictures or video that may have been taken.

While I understand what you are looking for, there are some people for whom privacy is paramount and they are going to be circumspect when it comes to allowing the details of their sex life to become public knowledge.
No pics are necessary- Just a post confirming that the two have met. maybe a comment on how truthful each other were in their profile. Doubt it will happen b/c seems like there are no real people meetin through this site.


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@DeeDee...yes i share your thoughts. I met 1 woman on here, a few from a similar site. i think there are simple ways to verify realness and also sincerety of real meets
Yes it would be nice if she confirmed you and you confirmed her. No pics necessary. maybe some details like "she swallows" and "he gave me three loads" or "very gentle, easy going" something b/c then I'd feel more comfortable reaching out to someone on this site. I am very uneasy when first contacting-- and cautious

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The man that I met off of this site is in my avatar picture with me. He was the one who took the picture of us and loved me using the picture. We also messaged each other on our profile pages and kind of verified one another that way.


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If both (all) parties involved agree to posting a report, fine.
However, I would be very careful about commenting on specifics as what may or not have been a great or good experience for one of the parties involved could have detrimental effects on future meetings.

We met, and he is real and a gentleman. OK.
We met, and she is real, very attractive, but we didn't have chemistry. OK, not saying anything specific or personal, it just didn't work.
We met, and he is OK, but doesn't eat pussy. Mmm ... maybe not so OK, maybe it was just yours he didn't care to munch for some reason and you may not want him coming back to defend himself publicly.