Black potential


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As you know, my wife had had a black boyfriend before me. :bigsmile:
She told me about one of their first times having sex. They were in the bathroom fucking standing under the shower, in the rear-entry position. She was close to cum but he cummed first.
My wife needed get an orgasm right in that moment, so they went to the room and she rubbed his penis with her butt several times. After that, she gave him an incredible blowjob until his dick turned hard like a rock again (he didn't need rest after his first orgasm). :mstickle:
They coupled again in the rear-entry position with my wife facing the clothier door and she obtained a potent orgasm quickly, in less than one minute. :inlove: She cummed shouting of pleasure and she was still gasping when he cummed for second time. At the end they were relieved! :sleep:
The incredible potential from her black ex boyfriend excited me a lot. I felt a great envy :D and admiration for him and how he made my wife cum shouting of pleasure.
I guess that was the second or third time that my wife had sex with him, and he was her one and only pure black boyfriend.
So I can't understand how could she know that her black boyfriend's dick was able to be hard again not resting after his first orgasm...!?
At any rate, I think my wife was correct trying to excite him because he could make her cum easily and she needed it.