black and white

Their credit score.... lmbaooooooo
LOL couldn't help yourself on that one

It's really not a white or black thing. I think It's all about culture, how and where she's brought up and ultimately how she develops as a person.
If you want to level down and generalize then personally, I sometimes buy into the idea that "white women are more open sexually". Even though it can't really be proven, through experience I guess I keep finding ways to confirm that lol
Case and point....THE HAIR

I'm sorry, but I don't think ever in the history of mankind has a black woman willingly suggest you pull her hair. Just doesn't happen...
The difference in black women and white is personality. Most white women are friendly than black. I work with the public and I see the difference in women. I tell black women to chance they attitude or they go to lose more black men to white women.
After being married to a couple of 'em. I don't ever want them in my life again...rather be a bachelor then put up with the Bullshit..I know white ladies can be a handfull also..but my experience with the sista's from marriage and their attitudes and assumptions based on the imput of their knucklehead can have 'em
That is why we brothers fucks with white women because our sisters cause a lot of problems. Sometimes I say smile why you so angry. My wife is from Trinidad and her attitudes is not that bad. But even she noticed that our sisters she work with have that. Basically black woman is the most beautiful woman on earth but it the attitude that makes them ugly.


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Basically black woman is the most beautiful woman on earth but it the attitude that makes them ugly.
barry50, an interesting thing happened just this very morning at the 7&11 story down the street. I stopped in to fill my car up with gas & to get a morning paper & coffee. There was one teller behind the counter, and the line was 5 deep waiting to pay. I was second in line, and this black girl (in her 30's I guess) came up to the counter to pay for her a bag of donuts and plopped down $5 bill ... showing the clerk that the donuts were $3.89, and said to keep the change. The clerk told her he had to scan the bag of donuts, first, so she held up the bag up for him to scan, in front of the guy standing at the counter to pay. The clerk told her that she needed to get in line. Ha! She just picked up her $5, set the donuts down on the counter, and loudly said she didn't have time to wait in line that she was late for work, and walked out. I immediately thought of this very thread and some of the comments here. Unreal!
My man that is attitudes. Now I ask u this. Do you want that around you. Years ago. I went to dinner with black lady at a restaurant and order food. Well everybody make mistakes. So the waiter got our food missup and this lady made a big deal about it and it wasnt call. I'm stay with my food but the waiter take her back and bring her want she order. She was very nasty and do you think if that waiter did something to her food. After that nite. I didn't go out with her again. She call couples times after that I simple told her I don't like her attitude.


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Have to say that I've seen women of all races have these kinds of attitude.
Hell, even my own Wife, who is usually a loving considerate person, has been known to get ticked off about her food order being screwed up. This I understand as we tend to go to the same places fairly regularly and she is very particular about what she wants, how she wants it and takes the time to make sure that the wait staff understands exactly what she wants. So when it comes out wrong .... :eek:

Maybe it's a regional thing, we are in Los Angeles and we have a lot of Black friends, most are women and most of them are very sweet. There are a few with 'tude, especially toward men, but that's mostly because they've been screwed over at some point and there are only a couple that I can say are truly self centered bitches. However, I see the same thing with the Asian, Latina and White women we know as well.

It is unfortunate that some women can be that way, but I don't see that it's a racial thing. Bitch isn't a color. :D

Oh, it ain't necessarily a gender thing either. ;):bounce: