Best IR video where wife expresses the most pleasure

Well, been working on this FOREVER! Wife has really been open minded lately. Does anyone know of a video where the wife shows outrageous pleasure playing with BBC? I am looking for videos where the wife may have been shy or reluctant at 1st but once it gets going she is so into it she would likely not even know if anyone else existed. My wife loves the fantasy but thinks that once things got going there would be no turning back even if she was not completely aroused. Thanks in advance.

Oh, one other thing. I am always hearing very naughty sexy songs that talk about fucking, sucking etc. I often hear them om web cam sites where women are playing for the camera. I can never seem to get them to give me the specifics of the song and artist so I can download it. I would LOVE t make a sex mix that talks about fucking and sucking. Usually in hip hop or rap. Would love to get about an hour of tracks. These turn my wife on a lot.



love this one. And don't be fooled by the title. This is not sport-fucking or usage of her as some sex toy. you can tell these two (and hubby) are familiar and comfortable with each other, probably have an ongoing arrangement. hubby evens remarks at the end "You have all weekend." this is super erotic, chemistry-laden lovemaking, no holes barred.

if this is modern marriage, and legitimately representative of the hotwife thing and what it can be, well.... ummmmm, PLEASE -- where do we sign up??!!! you can certainly see why it's on the rise. it's beautiful and natural and there's obviously something for everyone involved.
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maybe this is more like awe tinged with pleasure. love everything -- her reaction, her faces, what she says, her sounds -- starting at the 9:20 mark and after for most of a minute as he takes her through a wave of climaxes

Every woman deserves to experience this kind of thing and I don't mean 2 BBCs at the same time, or necessarily even 1 BBC (gasp!!!)......but I DO mean sex with a talented lover who has 1) the equipment 2) the skill and capacity and 3) the confidence to absolutely own her sexually.

AND many, many husbands should probably see it happen. Whether they'd enjoy it or not, they would learn something. It might or might not be anything they themselves can use to please their wives in bed, but husband and wife alike would gain a new kind of shared understanding if HE were to witness HER in a state of pure release, quite possibly becoming someone he doesn't really recognize; at least in that moment or series of moments.....someone he really doesn't know at all.

Many men simply have no idea what sort of sexual creature their wives are, their potential, how incredibly sexual they could be.
Even more sadly, many wives themselves have no idea either. Enlightenment is a good thing. A very healthy thing.
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