before, during, and after


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Mac, Is this a true story?
Do you want it to be? I imagine its on about the same level as the many "beautiful women" who come to this site with ultra-sexy avatars. If you're asking is that my wife and a true story, I'll honestly say it isn't.
We should all keep in mind that this site is an entertainment site first, and our brains are the largest sex organ many of us have. I'm glad you liked the story with pics, though.
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It's just hard to believe that married females (most look very intelligent to me) would let such personal pics get taken and posted so openly. Man, both our parents AND employers would go ape shit over such pics of us. :confused:
It's a new world order we all live in.
Not all appreciate the freedoms we all enjoy.
In the middle eastern countries you would be stoned and then killed. By your parents.
God bless America!