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You will watch as I Playfully kiss your wife... my kisses become more passionate...they will grow more meaningful because you have accepted where I am taking her. lay her down...rubbing my hands all over her body over her clothes between her legs where it is already SO hot Under her clothes ...my hands groping more urgently, she is laying face down on her stomach... my tongue on her back...licking her up and down...from her neck till the top of her ass...exploring. Within minutes she will give herself to me. ..

....first I push her legs back her pussy wet and pouting, I have run my "big thick" cock up and down her slit...teasing you. Now you are pleading me to slide inside of her. So I do!! but in a rough hard way... and you watch as I penetrate your wife with my hard cock as we both watch as her swollen lips grip my thick shaft... as it disappears inside of your wife's pussy.

I 'll tease her some more, by going slow and you will beg me to pound her more and harder. I will start pumping into that beautiful dripping pussy. Pounding this time more ferociously...

her breasts will shake, her nipples are hard and my balls will slap against her ass for you to hear as the smell of your wife's sopping wet pussy will inflame my animal senses... Till I lean over and bite her shoulder, softly, leaving my mark, now she is my sweet toy. You can no longer resist letting go. You may cum as I pound her harder, loud, uncontrollable, epileptic screaming cumming from the mouth of your wife - you may beg for me to blow your load inside of her. But I'll want to take my time and feel my cock all the way inside, enjoying seeing her pussy wet and slick with my man juices, my big shaft sliding in and out of her open, vulnerable pussy, legs opened wide, nipples hard and crackling, your wife's whole body a shivering uncontrollable mess. She is such a slut and you love her more.

after I have used and abused your wife for a while... doing different positions thick, deep strokes in and out. moving from one to another until I can't resist any longer. I know the time has come and ready to explode and I am ready to give your wife's pussy a huge load... I look at her and smile, then look at you.... you beg again but this time I take my big pole out of your wife and order you to get on your knees and I ask you to open your mouth, I will put it in and start screwing your mouth ... just to shoot my hot big load all over your face and mouth....your wife smiles and gets closer to you and start tasting my cum all over....

Only respond if you have been aroused by this description of our future meeting... looking for open minded couples. Who’s confident and just a lil on the submissive side for activities like those discussed in headline. I am very clean, hiv - dd/free black male. Discrete, non-pushy. E-mail your stats and pics for more details... Serious only. Am I the one who will abuse your wife?