Bbc for the wife

Me and the wife are visiting nice - france for a couple of days starting tomorrow. My wife is 29 , blondish, petite with slim figure. We have been having dirty fantasies about her being used by huge black cock.
And I'm looking forward to realizing this fantasy.
The thing is I don't want her to know it is arranged for. The fantasy is to go out to a bar, and have her exposing herself to "strangers" , and teasing them. Then going back to the hotel, tying her to the bed and keeping the door open for those strangers to come by and use her as they like.
The thing is that I want to arrange that these "strangers" are hand picked to have huge cocks.
I will be at the room watching her get used. If anybody has the package for such an adventure pm me so we can arrange something.
Preferably to have two hung guys.