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    couple looking 4 bull in bay area

    Hi! First time couple learning how all of this works lol but looking for a BBC bull in the Bay Area. Prefer if you had a place we could enjoy our time in. Not sure what to put in here other than looks matter a good bit (sorry D:) as well as needing to be clean(tested).
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  3. ive been told my cock is perfection

    ive been told my cock is perfection

    ive been mia b2w fam!
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    Bbc for the wife

    hi, Me and the wife are visiting nice - france for a couple of days starting tomorrow. My wife is 29 , blondish, petite with slim figure. We have been having dirty fantasies about her being used by huge black cock. And I'm looking forward to realizing this fantasy. The thing is I don't want...