1. fuckyourwifeee

    Worst punishment you had ever received

    What was your worst punishment that you had ever received?
  2. Alicebitch

    Do you like to be tied up, and fucked helplessly and having full enjoyment?

    I am a hot white girl. My most desired pleasure is to be submissive (not permanently) but during the time that I am with a date, a handsome stranger, or a kinky group of Black men. In my submission, I love my Black Cock, put on my collar and leash like a pet bitch white, and show myself to his...
  3. Handcuffs


  4. T

    Who is from Long Beach CA

    I just wonder who from Long Beach CA or wilmigton CA..I so curious ,bout my girlfriend that she used to get stripped search in outdoors n get film or pic ..or some stories plz share it let me know ..she white ,shhort petite pawg ,huge ass always shaved...I know some one has to know
  5. She's ready 😍

    She's ready 😍

    Needing of a lesson 🙊😻💋
  6. Face down ass up

    Face down ass up

    Roped, blindfolded,gaged, and butt plugged. Her husband took the picture. I’m admiring the view
  7. canadapaula

    Next Step

    Need some help.
  8. T

    Bbc for the wife

    hi, Me and the wife are visiting nice - france for a couple of days starting tomorrow. My wife is 29 , blondish, petite with slim figure. We have been having dirty fantasies about her being used by huge black cock. And I'm looking forward to realizing this fantasy. The thing is I don't want...