As a cuckold I masturbate more than ever, anyone else?

I dont know if I would be able to handle that. Although my wife does play out her role really well and dominant towards me I dont think she would really get off on that, she likes to please me as well. We sleep with each other 1 on 1 pretty often.


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My hubby masturbates a lot more these days, but mainly because we dont have sex now. We have come to a good place where I have sex with my black boyfriend, or others, my hubby satisfies himself. But it doesnt mean we dont enjoy each other, i control when he does his masturbating, how often and how quick he has to do it. I tell him what ive been up to, and what black men can do to me that he will never be able to again and so on.
So i say let the hubbies wank away and let their cum end up in tissues down the toilet, and keep your holes for the real mens cum!