Are white girls/women meant to be Black Men's property?

I am a white dad of an 18 soon to be 19 blonde daughter and I know I am clueless at times. If she wore a shirt that said" I Like Black Dicks" my response would be why do you want a guy with a dirty penis and how do you know?
There is nothing particularly "dirty" about a Black penis and having raised teenagers myself, I know they often wear tshirts that they don't always understand the connotations of what they say. It is a parent's responsibility to encourage their self-worth and to teach them how to treat all people with respect and dignity. It is not their responsibility to choose their dating partners.
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It is very good for you that you have big white cock worthy of being called a cock and in my opinion you should be encouraged to breed with white girls once every 4 black babies. White girls need to make more white girls AND cuckolds for future breeding and childcare and costs ..
It must be noted that MOST white guys are not as large as yourself and you should count yourself as very lucky indeed!
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Just because it is written does not mean that it is researched and factual. In my own experience, the vagina represents power and dominance. Men will do anything to get into one. If more women realized it, we could control the world; Black, White, Yellow, and Red would all gladly submit simply for the pleasure of looking at our vaginas. Women do not give up your power for the fantasy of a large Black cock!
Cuckoldry should be about a woman taking control of the relationship and telling her lovers that they exist to serve and pleasure her, never the other way around.
This is so true we all need to very when we teen that are and have the QoS tat and so on and as a white I would tell that I certainly understand why she went black .. I think these need to to telling other white quote open and how great it is to go black and girls take time to answer questions from curious girls all ages
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