Are there any sex positions to favor pregnancy?


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Some people say this variant of missionary is better for get pregnant...


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Doctors will usually recommend, to couples trying to induce a pregnancy, that they have intercourse in the "missionary" position with the woman's pelvis slightly elevated from under the thighs and for her to remain in that position for some time after having sex so that the man's ejaculate will pool at her cervix. This will help enable the sperm to penetrate the opening of the cervix and hopefully find an egg waiting to be fertilized.

Many are also of the opinion that it is also very beneficial for the woman to experience orgasm as this will kick start her body's natural functions related to fertility, such as causing the cervix to open to allow the sperm to enter. So if your intention is for your wife to become pregnant and you have not given her an orgasm during intercourse, you should either masturbate her or give her oral sex to one or more orgasms while she remains in the tilted pelvis position.
You may even want to do this before having intercourse as well as after, just to get her warmed up. ;)

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