Adventure Mc Big Dick #1

first instalment of the adventure series of Mc Big Dick!! if you wanna me to post any more story advebtures of me comment below and let me know!!!!
she is wearing a robe with a sexy thong and bra underneath, there is a knock on her door at the house!!!
She thinks it's her husband But instead I stand there in the doorway, A fit young black guy!!!!
I say is this a bad time you seem busy, then she sees my big buldge in my pants, she gets very nervous and unsure of what is going on!!!
First I tell her I am the repair man your husband hired, then I say may I come in, and say what beautiful smile and great red hair you have!
she was shocked!!! next I ask her to show me her pipes that need fixing?
as she is showing me to the pipework in her upstairs bathroom, as we walk upstairs I see her ass jiggle going upstairs and then I get a quick glance of her long smooth legs, thong, and stare at cleavage for a while in the bathroom!!!
I tell her to put something more appropriate on, then I stay here long enough to say I fixed the pipes but quick enough that when I walk to where she is changing I fake like I accidentally see and barge in, and she is butt naked changing, when I catch her changing I say I am so sorry, I didn't mean to barge in on ya, but your body is very sexy and it is nothing to be ashamed of!!!!
she blushes and in advance, way before I came in the front door my fly was unzipped but shirt covered it up so she didn't notice but I lift shirt up slighty, and my BBC dick hangs out of my pants and I acted embarrassed but in reality I am total not just very hard and horny at the momment! She blushes a second time and this time is extremely nervous!
but she looks at it feeling horny, and I ask her if she's ever cheated Or had black guy?
then I say I know you want me cause I have been seeing the way you have been looking at my, just a little touch with your hands to my dick wouldn't be cheating it would just be out of curiousity!!! she replies yes I have cheated but never with a black guy and never with such a huge cock!!! she says she feels guilty right now, yet so turned on!!!
I tell her to lay down in a commanding but calm peaceful voice, and say everything will be ok dont worry!!! She's a bit reluctant But does, Sitting in bed weearing nothing but a lacy thong and I rub the thong until it becomes damp moist and wets my finger!!!
I ask her does this feel good and she respond with an outstanding yes, I pull off her panties slowly complimenting her on her body, then rub her wet pussy but again only the outside until I see reaction!!! also I begin to rub and kiss on her legs slowly kissing up her legs toward her pussy but skip pussy and begin kissing stomach as a tease!!! she has smooth pale legs and she moans I shouldn't be doing this!!!
then i say shutup and enjoy i know your a dirty cheating slut your husband told me so? so get over your nervousness and get into your wild side already!!!
my hands go on her size 36c boobs one hand, one for both boobs begin to grope and rub her boobs and massage them in circles, she doesn't resist she just lets it happen, allows me to feel her up!!!
she moans and I say you have beautiful mountains of the godesses, you are blessed with beautiful angel tits!!! then i say dont be shy just reach out your hand and massage my big black cock!!!
She holds it in her white hand! She opens mouth and I grab the back of her head with both of my hands and pulls her mouth and my dick inside it really really fast and makes it go as deep as I could, then i leave it as deep as I can for a few minutes then takes my hands off her head!!!!
I force that cock in her troat as for as it can go and it's 12 inches and I make her hold it as deep as she can for 2 or three minutes before she can breathe again!!!
then I take my cock and slap it on the outer part of her pussy as hard as I can, asking her if she wants it deep inside her pussy!!! She moans, I shouldn't be, But she's horny wet, Unprotected white pussy and I say Spread your legs Jane. then her husband walks inTo see me ontop of Her missionary with her Legs spread and Tits pushed Just as i'm about to cum in her!!!
as I am pulling out with cum dripping off my penis and cum gushing out of her pussy, she wants to smile but too embarrassed, she might as well be damned to pregancy now cause she has be black inseminated!! her husband calls calls her a sexy slut!!!
even though her husband walked into the room i'll pound her pussy doggystyle next and let her boobs hang and sway as I ram roughly my rod in her pussy, while she is on her hands and knees, grabbing her hair and pulling it say dont stop slutty bitch we just begun!!!
ill spank her ass until she beggs to stop cause its so sore!!! I would pull out saying I'm done, still having a hold of her hair, and then quickly and painfully insert it in to her ass saying I'm done with your pussy but i never said i'm done with sex!!! i'll bring the pain to jane, make her cry and tell her i did it cause I love her, and care for her ass and pussy
she would say look at me hubby i'm finally doing anal with a black bull, grabbing life by the horns, the horns of a black bull that is!!
when were finally done I make her choke on my cock one last time to clean not only her pussy juices off of it but also her ass juices as well, and taste it!!!