1. H

    Black Empire New Sirte

    any one have this comic ??
  2. Asmodeaus80

    Artist wanted

    Are there any artist in here looking for a muse and or model for there work. Stories, drawings, photoshop, 3d computer renderings, or really anything along those lines. You can USE my wife. Contact me and I can provide photos and other content you may need for inspiration. This would be for fun...
  3. bellnyc

    text messages

    good friends talking about the biggest she dick had ill ad pics of her later another story i asked if she's seen any of her friends fuck i ask her the next day to show me how thick they were
  4. Brent69

    My first ever erotic story.

    Hope u guys enjoy this story. If u do then I might write some more. X Please note this story is complete fiction (unfortunately) and as much as i would love for it to have happen, it didnt so please dont pick me up on any inconsistencies....thanks x That damn rap song was playing again! This...
  5. S

    Her fantasy

    Written by the wife in a dirty email she sent while I was away on a business trip: I know how much it would turn you on to see me fucking a big black cock. I have a surprise for you, we are at home, you are on your computer, the door bell rings. You see me walk past your office to answer it...
  6. MstHighKing

    Met up with a Couple last night off Craigslist.

    First off, I'd like to say Craigslist is sketchy. It might be the area I'm in or it might just be the nature of the site itself;all I know is I've never really had much luck with ads on there. That is until, a week ago I saw an ad for a Couple looking for BBC . Naturally curious, I clicked on...
  7. G

    Story idea

    I want to submit this story to a site to get it made but I wanted to get some input first The story follows 3 girls (Gracie,Melissa and Brittany) 1 Asian 1 Hispanic and 1 white (although that may change) none of the 3 girls has been with a black male and they all have white boyfriends, during...
  8. Anthony Hopson

    Storytime: Confessions of a black stud

    I read tons of fake stories up here, clearly written by clowns that read too many fantasy novels. In an effort to work on my writing skills and capture some memories, I'll spend the next few weeks writing the true stories some of my most interesting encounters. I will occasionally post a CL ad...
  9. interracial-lover

    Adventure Mc Big Dick #1

    first instalment of the adventure series of Mc Big Dick!! if you wanna me to post any more story advebtures of me comment below and let me know!!!! she is wearing a robe with a sexy thong and bra underneath, there is a knock on her door at the house!!! She thinks it's her husband But instead I...