1. J

    Any story writers/photo editors?

    We’re looking for someone to help us with making a story around my fiancé? She has a very niche kink for it so Dm us
  2. 4

    The Most Erotic Threesome

    When I was young, I had a period when I was looking for myself, trying to understand who I am, and what I wanted in life. I worked without rest and saved some money. Then I decided to travel around the country, hoping that the road and new places would give me something new to understand. I...
  3. dirtyopenmind

    Spanish bull for my girlfriend Pt.1

    We are Leonie and Mark, a young and openminded couple from Europe and that's our first time posting a story here. Feel free to share your feedback with us! When this happened, we've been together for 3 years. I'm her first real boyfriend and the only one who had sex with her so far. She's very...
  4. dirtyopenmind

    Customized story about girlfriend

    Hey there Does anybody likes to write a personalized story about a young and super hot girlfriend making her first bbc experience? There will be a nice reward. We are a 21yo/25yo fit couple from Europe. Pics are also possible. DM us if you’re interested :)
  5. chibichan

    Fantasy story about my first time with a London bull

    I quickly slip out of my panties. ‘Should I leave on the lights or not?’ I think nervously to myself while crawling under my silk hotel sheets. I hear my heart beating, and for what felt like an eternity, I finally decide to turn off the night lamp beside my bed. ‘So… I should just try to sleep...
  6. S


  7. E

    Story writing

    Hi everyone, is anyone any good at story writing? Really would like a story done about my partner message me
  8. What is your wife doing while you're at work or on a business trip?

    What is your wife doing while you're at work or on a business trip?

  9. Hotwives will choose a Black Man to breed them

    Hotwives will choose a Black Man to breed them

  10. Soccer Mom Vanessa BBC Hot Wife Cuckold. (captions_ story)._720p.mp4

    Soccer Mom Vanessa BBC Hot Wife Cuckold. (captions_ story)._720p.mp4

  11. T

    A Tale of Timothy

    A Tale of Timothy I was sweating in the warm summer heat as I was packing our belongings into the back of our rental truck. "I think we're all set", I said to my pal Ben, as I loaded the last box into the back of the truck. Ben had been a pal of mine since we were young, we practically grew up...
  12. B

    Why is the Scene with Amanda Lane High rated?

    When i go to and sort their videos by rating, most scenes with the highest rating are from 2021-2022. Most of them with Anton Harden with his huge BBC. But the third best scene from 2016 is with Amanda Lane and Jason Brown. Here are the top 6 highest rated scenes: Therefore, the...
  13. Angelica

    A wife sharing story

    I will share with you a true story. My husband and I have been married for 15 years, now I am 36, and he is 50. We are adults, I am a sexy wife, but he almost does not want sex, but I really do. I am constantly haunted by the wish about sex with another man or a gangbang. After all, we only live...
  14. Systemslayer

    GF and her friend fucked a BBC while I watched. First time cucked.

    Gonna be a long story, every word is 100% true and got us into the lifestyle. Gf and I went through a rocky part of our relationship in the first year. She ended up going to a party and our boss at work convinced her to fuck a black guy (who we also worked with). She was drinking and was...
  15. kalifstorch

    1000 Thx to Subhub174014

    Many thanks to subhub174014. The provision of the mostly new stories was really rapid. great and thanks again
  16. M

    Changing her mind - minus the manipulation. A genuine story from the UK.

    I thought I'd share this as it might help others. We are a happily married stag vixen couple both in mid 30's from England. For me (the husband) it started with interracial porn. It took a few years of enjoying this before I even had thoughts about my wife being with a hung black guy. I’m not...
  17. ThickDMT

    The Setup

    It's 12:45am. You get a text saying put on that dress I like. No bra. No panties.. I know you immediately get a little wet, but tonight is just getting started. You come over, walk into the room there candles cast your gorgeous figure all throughout my room music playing gently in the...
  18. mrinf1nity

    An Ode to "Rachel", My Reason For Loving White Hotwives

    Part I We met in the beginning of 2018, during what were (unbeknownst to us) the dying days of Craigslist Casual Encounters. I had been recently separated from my wife (we're officially divorced now), and after 7 years of a sexually uninteresting marriage, I was ready to find something...
  19. Black Shadow

    Emily takes care of an older black Gent at the carehome...

    Over Christmas I could not see one of my BBC sluts, so she kindly wrote this wonderful fantasy just for me (she is in her mid 20s and works in a care home..that part is true ) Emily was working possibly her most boring job to date ,as an assistant in a care home looking after old people xD she...
  20. Z

    Anyone has been to morocco?

    Is anyone has been to morocco share your interesting story with us