1. Fav Position

    Fav Position

  2. Waiting for BBC

    Waiting for BBC

  3. My wife 2

    My wife 2

    My wife needing cock
  4. Pussy Vs Machine

    Pussy Vs Machine

    Getting ready!
  5. Spreading for you

    Spreading for you

    Spreading it all out
  6. Open


  7. Fill me...

    Fill me...

  8. 1548991558791_20171011_195053.jpg


  9. 861_1000.jpg


  10. Am I a Queen yet?

    Am I a Queen yet?

    My Temp Queen of Spaddes tattoos arrived this morning so horny just putting one on !!
  11. A156.jpg


    Mid-fuck - but couldn't resist taking this!!
  12. A93.JPG


    Damned good to be in her!
  13. A82.JPG


    One of my favourite views!
  14. Face down ass up

    Face down ass up

    Roped, blindfolded,gaged, and butt plugged. Her husband took the picture. I’m admiring the view
  15. 20190319_215953.jpg


    Sassy ass
  16. Just some clapping

    Just some clapping

    Shaking my big ass
  17. B

    Should My GF Be Bred Black?

    Let us know your thoughts.
  18. Uksexycouple

    BBC’s turning up late & selfies while you wait.

    Been doing for a while now and about 90% turn up late, our latest was 2 hrs!! Why is that?? So wifey takes selfies before she is used... How about we see wives, before they get fucked...then after it ends....I’ll update an “after” pic tomorrow and see how we go.
  19. 632E6370-7D14-4301-BB2C-CAD9E2897FE0.jpeg


    Assuming the black breeding position for daddy 😏
  20. I want to meet BBC groups

    I want to meet BBC groups

    I want to meet BBC groups