About to travel ....question is where too

Thank you guys for these ideas ...we are google - ing the carabiean right now ;) ...not so much cuckolding information on the normal tourist info sites ...lol

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Party in Miami.That has so many perks indeed. There is a good open sexual vibe to most of the clubs as well. Crazy from the heat...

I love that to no end. If you want a fun time go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The last two are not swinger nor black man to do the wife hook up spots however, just a wild and unique vacation that many know of (on a map or by name) but few actually travel to.
Lamu in Kenya

Vic Falls either Zimbabwe or Zambia

Any East African country can combine wild scenery, wild animals, and black men who can look after your wife, or even both of you.

Gambia coastal and river safari's and men who know why white women holiday in Africa, even with their husbands :)

Zimbabwe...the country needs foreign earnings, but they 'need' your wife even more since so many expats have left...
or if you want to make money on holiday go to Morocco. Their brothels are very popular with American women wanting to make some money on holiday and guarantee themselves some sex as well...


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We are young but not quite new to this. We are planing a hollyday this summer so why not make it a hot one. for us its not just about fast sex. We would love to hook up while clubbing or just while hanging out. Any hot travel destination suggestions?