A thread for BBCAdmirer


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You are one of the most exciting women on Blacktowhite. You are REAL and your hubby (thank you) posts some great pics of you. I was able to learn a lot about you in the Queen of Spade Diaries interview but there's a lot more I would like to know. In addition to the photos, I like to know what a woman is thinking and feeling when she lives the Hotwife lifestyle. Your situation is somewhat unique in that your hubby participates in posting your pics and I am also interested in HIS perspective, too.

So, I'll start off with a few question I hope you will answer. You told in your Queen interview about the first time you had sex with a black man. I'm wondering if you eagerly sought out the encounter and pursued HIM. Or, one can imagine you might have been reluctant based on such things as a) you would be "going black" for the first time and your parents might be shocked if they found out, b) he was older than you or c) the fact that he was a professor and you were a student? Did you feel at all "sold" on black cock at that point or was it "just another cock" at that point? When you started fucking black men again, after you were married and had kids, was it YOU who suggested it or was your hubby the main promoter of you reentering the world of interracial sex?

I can personally attest to BBCadmirer and her husband being real. She is a great person to be around and if you saw her you would just think she is a PTA mom. I have had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions. She is the real deal and I have never met a woman who likes to have sex as much as I do.


I messaged her and asked for permission before I posted anything, I would never post any pictures of the women I slept without permission.

She is an amazing woman and my thanks go out to her as well. I know there are other real women on here who have met with members. I also know there is a large majority of women on here who are curious and need words of encouragement to explore their fantasies.


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Thank you for the kind words. I don't have much time right this second to answer all the questions in detail but I will say a few words to start.
First, My husband and I both use this profile. He does have his own profile but I decided to just let him use mine as the pictures are of myself and he wanted to make sure I got the credit. So if you see this profile on, it may be him. Just ask.

Second, as I said in private, there is a lot behind the scenes and pictures and a lot of stuff I don't want to share. What we show on here is only a small part of who we are. I may have a date once every few months but its more exciting to let people think I am hooking up with a different guy every night. In a fantasy that would be exciting but in the real world its just not safe or practical. I guess I like guys to talk to me like I am a hooker, but I'm not and that should always be kept in mind.

I just like to have sex with large black men and there are black men who like to have sex with white PTA moms like myself. :wub: When we get together, the sparks fly.

More to come.