Apr 8, 2013
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Maine US


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returning after a long hiatus. We have another baby and made a move. Not looking to hook-up at this time. Nov 6, 2016

    1. BBCadmirer
      returning after a long hiatus. We have another baby and made a move. Not looking to hook-up at this time.
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      2. john7
        Welcome back, hope we can chat
        Nov 6, 2016
    2. jana1987
    3. Reggie Lewis
      Reggie Lewis
      Your ass looks like It could bounce all night for me.
    4. darkpleats9
      love to work that lovely azz girl
    5. cee grinder
      cee grinder
      thanks for the add
    6. kingjaycob
    7. Mrlovenasty
      That small hole between your cheeks is the one I want I'll leave it wett and leaking I love that big ass of yours
    8. 10InchPawgStretcher
      Haven't heard from you in a few months. Just saw your latest posts... and looking good. I'm available for another date whenever your interested.
    9. Caramel Nine
      Caramel Nine
      Email me babe:
    10. rodriguan
      just saying hey!
    11. BBCadmirer
      Sorry guys.... not much time lately to get on here and flirt.
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      3. ChicagoBLK
        We are waiting...
        Jul 18, 2014
      4. BBCadmirer
        Sorry guys and girls.... we are still alive and well... but life has gotten extremely busy at this point. We are still in contact with the few we have met on here. Will check in occasionally but not sure if we will become regulars again.
        Jan 8, 2015
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      5. animalman8989
        Hello.. its me steve. haven't seen you at the watering hole in awhile. Good to see your still around, and I hope to go on some more "dates" with you.
        Feb 10, 2015
    12. Caramel Nine
      Caramel Nine
      Hey sexy....
    13. chino
      Niice sexy hotwife u got
    14. indian_bull
      I like your sexy big ass.
    15. Caramel Nine
      Caramel Nine
      I feel honored that my cock made your profile pic.... ;)
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      2. Caramel Nine
        Jan 12, 2015
    16. rafagr
      hi there
    17. Dan Teal
      Dan Teal
      I just wanted to say hi
    18. BlkTyler
    19. Fatcock30
    20. husky
      nice ass mmmmm yummy
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    Maine US
    Update on 11/3/16: We have had another baby, purchased a new house and have not had the time to play on here in over 2 years. I am a longtime member and have have several real hook-ups with members from this forum. Due to real life I am not looking for hook-ups at this point in my life. I still do play on occasion and will share some pics and stories as time allows.

    I will update profile to reflect my current position. I will keep profile open so I can interact with people on here and things may change in the future.

    Mother of 3, married, PTA mom:


    I have a very high sex drive and love to flirt and fuck:



    and hook up with guys to scratch that itch:



    I get a lot of chat request and with 3 children have very little time to actually chat on skype.
    Everybody is welcome to message me on here and use this site to communicate with me. I have the ability to send pictures on this sites messenger and it works well.
    To be considered for video chat you must have a picture in your profile, have it completely filled out with location, be a verified member, and be from the US. No exceptions... to many fakes and scams.

    To hook up we must chat first and you will have to chat with my hubby. I have hooked up with a member on this site... it is possible.

    ....and at the end of the day I may chat with other females but I am really looking to be on the receiving end of this: