A Night at the Submission House


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A husband visits the Submission House to find his cheating wife. But instead he gets an experience he never would have expected . . .

The corridor that they were on had multiple doors on either side. Each door had a designated square light above with a number reflecting in it. The light for each door bore a different color and the number varied with each door they passed—some had 2; others 7 and 3. Marty was curious about this. As if reading his mind, his Mistress half turned to look at him.

“You’re wondering about the square light with the numbers in them, aren’t you?” she asked smoothly. “This is the corridor of colors. Or so the house patrons like to call it. Lots of things happen behind each door. The numbers represent the number of Mistresses currently inside. Ah, here we are,” she went to a door that had a purple light with 5 reflecting in it. “Something about purple that gets me going.”

“What goes on inside,” he paused, and when he saw the sharp stare she gave him, it occurred to him what was missing. “Madam?”

“You’re learning,” she said. “Only way to know what’s inside is when you step inside.”

She hit her palm on the door twice. It came open and she stepped inside and gestured at Marty to follow.

It was a square-shaped room with the walls made entirely of mirrors that reflected everything inside. Marty stepped beyond the door and it eased shut behind him on pneumatic locks. The woman pulled him by his shirt toward the beds cloistered together that took up the room’s space.

There were five couples in the room. The women/Mistresses were on the bed while their white men/pet slaves knelt before them attending to their feet and body with oil. Two of the Mistresses lay stretched on their face while their slaves massaged their backside and thighs. They were all semi-naked as were their slaves, and looked to be of different age and size. The men wore briefs, or boxer shorts. Marty was the only male in the room who was fully clothed.

Marty’s Mistress found herself a free spot and sat down and waved a foot at him.

“Make like they’re doing and get me ready,” she said.

Marty knelt before her and unbuckled her glass slippers off her feet. The slave beside him offered him a bottle of oil lotion. Marty poured some of it on his hand and rubbed his palms together before applying it on his Mistress’s skin. He glanced at what the other men were doing and observed how humble and dedicated they were at their work and got into similar groove like them. His Mistress fell on her back moaning while he diligently oiled every feature of her caramel skin that was her foot.

“That feels so goddamn good,” she moaned. “Go on, do some more around my ankles. Yessss, just like that.”

Marty finished with one foot then applied the same to her other. The other slaves paid him no mind with what he was doing, nor did they exchange any word. Not that he was even bothered. He was lost in his handiwork but stopped when an alarm sounded off in the room. Marty looked up and worried that the building was on fire or something. He looked over at the door and saw the purple light above it blink a couple of times before becoming still. The other slaves stopped what they were doing and stood up from the floor like they were programmed to do so.

Marty looked at his Mistress and asked, “What’s going on, Madam?”

She came up on her elbows and retrieved her foot from his grasp.

“Now is when you stand back and watch your Mistress enjoy herself, pet slave,” she said.

There came a tap on the door. Marty moved away from the bed just as the door opened and six black men entered the room one at a time. They were naked and impressively oiled up. Marty went with the other slaves who had backed themselves against the wall as their women got up and welcomed their black men into their arms. They murmured and giggled as they each led their black men to bed.

The sex began immediately.

One of the women didn’t bother peeling off her negligee before dropping to her knees to suck her man’s cock energetically. Some of the men sat on the bed while their women worshipped their cocks. One of them lifted his woman high and she maneuvered her legs to rest upon his shoulders while he buried his face on her crotch. Marty’s eyes observed each frolicking couple, but his focus never waned from his Mistress. Already she had stripped herself of her couture dress and was on the bed straddling her man hard. Her man pawed her butt with both hands while she rocked him back and forth—Marty picked out her whimpering cries amid that coming from the other women. Another black man was fucking his own woman beside them. Marty watched his Mistress reach across to fondle the woman’s breasts while still rolling her butt on top her man’s pelvis. The room was filled with enchanting, rampant cries of sex and groans of lust. There was plenty of space on the bed to accommodate everyone. It became hard a while later to separating the individual women from each other. To Marty, they all blended perfectly into one big orgy fest. The men fucked their individual women and now and then exchanged them for another. Marty saw his Mistress lying on her back sucking another man’s cock while one woman ate her pussy. Another man came behind that woman and slotted his cock into her and was smacking her butt while he thrust in and out of her.

Marty couldn’t stop himself from grabbing his crotch. His penis was pressing hard like a tent pole. He tried thinking of something else, but no matter how hard he tried, his penis kept nudging inside his jeans. The other men beside him ignored each other as each was busy jerking off to the orgy action. Marty looked at them and felt embarrassed seeing this, never mind that he’d witnessed such in previous rooms downstairs.

One of the black men had his woman hollering her head off and gasping excitedly while he fucked her from behind. He was groaning along with her and after a couple of strokes pulled out of her. She collapsed face forward on the bed while he turned around and wiped a trail of sweat off his brow as he scanned the pet slaves in the room. One of them came forward without a word and Marty watched as the pet slave dropped to his knees and the black man shoved his prick into the slave’s mouth and seconds later emptied his balls sac down his throat. Marty and the others watched as their colleague consumed every drop of cum then sucked clean the black man’s cock as well. The black man turned away from him when he was done and returned to the bed while the slave came back to his former place, licking his lips with his tongue.

The orgy went on and the women took turns with every black man that was in the room. It seemed like they could keep on fucking forever. The room’s air conditioner was on full blast, but it did nothing to rid the room of the funk smell of cum, semen, and sweat. Marty observed the other pet slaves, all frantically stroking their penises. Some already had ejaculated on their hands and feet and licked it off before resuming again. Marty could only massage his hard-on inside his jeans. He struggled to resist the temptation of whipping his out and making like the others. He wondered what Jolene might think if she dared entered the room right now and found him even with his face mask.

Another black man left the bed and came and sized up the slaves before settling on one. The designated slave came forward and the black man gestured at him to kneel beside the bed while he returned to fucking his woman. His increased groans were enough indication that his dam was about to burst. He pulled out of the woman and the pet slave took charge of his cock for him. The black man tensed and groaned as he spurted semen into the slave’s mouth. He pointed at another slave who then came over and joined in sucking him as well.

Marty saw his Mistress walk up to him and he immediately let go of his crotch. Her body glistened with sweat and silver trails of cum decorated her face and torso. To his consternation he saw she wasn’t alone.

“Come here, slave,” she beckoned at Marty.

Marty went to her and she led him away from the others. The black man came with them, his chest heaved while he stroked his girth. Marty’s Mistress gestured at him to his knees which he willingly did. He knew what was coming to him and knew it wouldn’t benefit to resist.

“It’s time you become initiated into your new life, slave,” his black Mistress purred as her black lover then came forward.

The man held his prick inches from Marty’s face. Marty’s mouth fell open and he shut his eyes from incoming abhorrence as he felt the man’s prick brush against his lips before slipping further into his mouth. Marty tried thinking of happier thoughts as his lips closed around the man’s foreskin and then began sucking him. The pungent aroma of cum, sweat, and pubic smell wafted into his nostrils. At one time the man grabbed his head with both hands and shoved more of his prick into his mouth. Marty could do nothing except grunt from the effort.

“Open your eyes, slave,” the man barked at him. “Look up at me.”

Marty fluttered his eyes open and he gazed up at the black man who appeared like a dark giant before his eyes. His eyes watered up with tears and the man appeared blurry to him. He heard himself make slurping noise as he choked and ingested more of the man’s shaft into his mouth. Thick pools of saliva gathered in his mouth and dribbled off his lips as he still he continued sucking him. Marty was less prepared when cum spurted out of the man’s penis and filled his mouth. He gagged instinctively and wanted to pull away but moaned with hurt when the man knocked the side of his head.

“Take all of that cum, slave,” the man demanded. “Don’t you dare spill a drop, you fucking piece of whore white thrash!”

Marty resumed blowing the man and gave muffled coughs as he went on swallowing his cum. He was locked down in a terrible nightmare, except this was more real than ever. He struggled with sucking the man’s cock and ingesting his cum. He felt some of it drip off the side of his lips and rolled down his chin. Before he knew it, another pet slave appeared beside him and proceeded to clean lick the traces of cum still dripping down his chin. The black man’s hands were like a pair of pincers on his head as he kept shoving more of his prick down Marty’s throat, forcing him to take his cock to the hilt.

“That’s it, slave,” the black man said. “Don’t ever dare spill a Black Master’s cum next time, you hear me? Don’t you ever dare, or else it’s your fucking ass.”

Marty was still on his knees sucking the man’s cock till it went flaccid in his mouth. The black man eventually let go of him and Marty fell back on his haunch exhausted and relieved that he was now released. He couldn’t help rolling his tongue inside his mouth as he watched his Mistress and the black man return to join the others on the bed. Marty was still swallowing gobs of saliva as he came to his feet and went back to join the other slaves.

His Mistress was on her knees sucking her man’s cock when another black man smacked her butt once, then twice before positioning himself behind her. She jerked forward and groaned with a mouthful of cock while the other hunched over her butt and fucked her. Surprisingly she got her man hard again and straddled his cock while the other hunched over her again and plugged her anal hole. Marty watched their balls sac and thighs brushed against each other as they got busy stretching her twin holes till eventually they shot their loads inside her. Marty hesitated for a moment, not knowing what to do. A slave standing beside him nudged his arm and Marty looked at him.

“Better go over and clean her,” the slave gestured at Mater’s Mistress. “There’ll be hell to pay if you don’t.”

Marty moved into action after that. He scampered onto the bed just as the black man pulled out of his Mistress and she rolled off the other and fell on her back. She lay gasping with her thighs spread to reveal creamy cum oozing out her vagina and anus. Marty breathed down on her pubic hair while his tongue lapped over her gorgeous dark skin. Her hands groped his shoulders before settling on his head. She squirmed and arched her back, moaning as his tongue sucked and probed her cum-filled orifice. Her gasps went into overdrive as his tongue slurped over her clitoris.

“Awwhhhh, yes! Yes, babe! Suck that clit . . . eat your Mistress like you want to! Uhhhh . . . yeah!”

Her body squirmed under him and her thighs eventually locked over his head. Marty could barely catch his breath, but kept on consuming traces of cum out of her pussy. Her thighs came loose and Marty then slid his hands underneath and lifted her butt off the bed to suck out the copious cum oozing out her anus.

“Awwwwhhhh God!” she moaned excitedly. “Eat that pussy, pet slave! Ooohhhh gosh. Clean it out for meeeeeee!”

Her voice screeched and her body shook when Marty probed her anus with his finger while locking his lips on her pussy. She collapsed on the bed and Marty turned her over on her face and spread her butt cheeks apart like he was parting the Red sea and pressed his chin between her ass crack. The whole time he licked cum out of her, he pretended that it was Jolene he was doing it to. His penis was still nudging hard against his jeans and felt like it wanted to burst out his jeans to breathe. He turned his Mistress over on her back when he was done. He, too, was gasping hard and sweating under his clothes.

“That’s a good pet,” she moaned then reached a hand down to touch her vagina. “I’m all dry,” she chuckled. “You make for a good pussy cleaner.”

Marty couldn’t think of what to say, but at that moment felt immensely proud of himself than ever before. He pulled himself away from the bed and took back his former place among his fellow pet slaves.