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    Blog de mensajes Snapchat a cornudos

    Hola cornudos, Os presento mi blog (, donde publico mucho contenido de temática cuckold-hotwife. Además de mensajes con imágenes, podréis encontrar mensajes de audio, vídeos y relatos eróticos. La temática es de infidelidades consentidas y no consentidas, humillación del cornudo...
  2. cristoferhayde

    I need more of you!

    …there you were, in my favorite tee, i could see the shape of your perfect ass giving my shirt form, your smooth legs stuck out from underneath, begin me to touch and kiss them. I just stood there and watched for a minute, biting my lips, you never knew i was there… you were perfect and...
  3. KL Davenport

    Interracial erotica

    From now until May 1, 2019 blacktowhite members can use the promotional code AJ35P to get a free copy of my first book, Echoes from a Kiss, at You can check out one of the chapters at If you enjoy...
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  7. Dsoul

    A Husband Lies Under the Bed

    A Husband Lies Under the Bed There was the irritating noise of the bed springs groaning above my face but it wasn’t the only noise in the room. There also was the woman moaning from her pleasure as well heaving grunts of the man who was fucking her. Doggy-style. How did I know this? Because...
  8. Dsoul

    Morning in the Cavanaugh’s Residence

    A phone was ringing in the living room of the Cavanaugh’s residence down on Duke Street. Horace Cavanaugh, 56 years old, thinning gray hair on the sides with a smooth bald plate for a head and a protruding gut for a belly was trooping down the stairs to answer it. He was grumbling and cursing...
  9. mlnblnh

    My sexy nude photos

  10. S

    Like an author's stories? Support them!

    It sounds simple. It really is. And it's vital. If you enjoy reading erotic stories and want to keep doing so, then you should support the author of the stories you like. How can you do that? Easy. 1. Rate the story. Most sites give you a way, be it stars, a number, whatever. 2. Post a public...
  11. I

    Aspiring erotic author

    Hey everyone. My name is I.C Baldwin. I am 30 something year old white collar worker by day who is an aspiring erotic author by night. I'm also a 6 ft 280 pound black man who has (despite being well educated and extremely racially conscious) always been interesting in the cuckhold...
  12. Jennings

    Stories Welcomed for Film Script

    Hi, Jennings here. I am looking for your stories based either on your experiences or your fantasies which you wouldn't mind sharing as inspiration for possible film script. All stories welcomed. Thanks
  13. BaronFurMuncher

    Some examples of my work......

    I've stated that my photography is the most important thing in my life....and that i've been a photographer most of my, in order to prove it, I give you some of my work here, and hopefully, you'll like what you see.... comment!!!
  14. Dsoul

    A Night at the Submission House

    A husband visits the Submission House to find his cheating wife. But instead he gets an experience he never would have expected . . . The corridor that they were on had multiple doors on either side. Each door had a designated square light above with a number reflecting in it. The light for...
  15. MGarrity

    Extreme Interracial Cuckold stories for your Kindle!

    Hi, I'm Miriam Garrity and I've been writing interracial cuckold stories as a hobby for over a decade. Now I've begun self-publishing them on Amazon (other carriers like iBooks and Smashwords coming soon). My first series of short stories are all about a big black stud named Luke Powers who...