Aspiring erotic author

Hey everyone.

My name is I.C Baldwin. I am 30 something year old white collar worker by day who is an aspiring erotic author by night. I'm also a 6 ft 280 pound black man who has (despite being well educated and extremely racially conscious) always been interesting in the cuckhold lifestyle. Unfortunately I settled down, got married, and had children before I could participate in fulfilling someone's fantasy. Somehow that translated to wanting to fulfill the fantasy through my writing.

That said I took the plunge into Amazon erotic fiction. I have started a series called "The White Queen of Spades". It is the chronicles of a Queen of Spades and her sordid sexual lyfestyle. I would like to think it's got better writing than your typical erotic fiction on Amazon. It's one part erotica, one part dark comedy, one part social commentary, one part love story. I have a ton of ideas and surprises awaiting it and I really want people to read it. I plan on releasing the second chapter next week.

So obviously this is a pitch of sorts. You can find the full first chapter on Amazon here------>

You can read it for free if you sign up for the kindle unlimited (i still get a small percentage for you reading it) and you can purchase for 2.99

But as a show of good faith I will post an excerpt from the first chapter. Thanks for reading and please check it out and let me know what you think.

Dear Aspiring Queens:

I’m finding it hard to breathe as I enter the cold and sterile hospital room. Cold and sterile might be a bit unfair. I mean it’s a good big room. It’s at the best hospital for in town for pregnant, pretty, white women like myself. My nurse is some spritely moderately attractive girl who either wasn’t pretty enough to snag a doctor before having to actually finish nursing school, or is just biding her time. My husband is probably exactly the type of guy she wanted before graduating from college. Hell my husband is the type of guy all women want. I think that’s why I fucking hate him so much. Look at him beaming at me and the room with his stupid oblivious grin. He beams in all his Waspy glory. Janus Klassen…what a fucking joke of a pasty white Nordic name. He sounds like a character from a bad romance novel. Looks like one too. He’s just in here smiling rubbing my still flat stomach which now holds the beginning stages of life. I should be smiling too. I’m 27, I’m a hot white girl, I was born rich, I married a rich white man who is tall, handsome, funny, caring, and has a nice sized dick. I really have absolutely nothing to complain about, which in a way makes my current circumstance all the more deserving. Today I confirm that I am almost 2 months pregnant, but unfortunately I don’t know who the father of this baby is. Worse yet, I don’t even know what color this baby will be when it comes out.

My name is Fallon Klassen, formally Fallon Kelly. I am the only baby of Owen and Adora Kelly. I am your classic 5-7 stone cold blond fox. Well, actually I’m a redhead but I started dying it in high school cause I realized the types of guys I wanted preferred blondse. More on that later. My father is a very successful writer and former politician. My mother is a housewife, although she hardly ever did shit around the house but look pretty, and she wonders where I got it from.

I went to the best schools and traveled the world as a baby. I was raised in a loving and positive liberal household. Through high school and college I did tons of volunteer work and community service. I spend my time today working with inner city youth and at risk populations just to give back; in fact, I don’t really need to work because Janus. My big pasty dumb husband, earns a few million a year with his construction and development business. I seem to have the perfect life that would be topped off by popping out a beautiful and angelic little white boy or girl with rosy cheeks and if my genes have anything to say in it, red hair.

But none of that is the real me. This is all one big front, a cover for the real me. The real me has only one need and one motivation. The real me only loves one thing. I love big black dicks. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel on my skin, in my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass. If I could disembody a bunch of black cocks and use them as a pillow I would sleep forever.

I know that sounds really wrong, not just wrong because it’s a racial taboo. It’s not just wrong because I’ve cheated on every white boyfriend I’ve ever had with black guys. It’s not just wrong because I do things with them that I’d never do with my white boyfriends. It’s not wrong that I often use manipulative and coercive methods to fuck black men and then keep their mouths shut about it. It’s not just wrong because I want them to degrade and berate me, because I’ve had trains ran on me, because I write about my sexcapades on a an anonymous blog. It’s not just wrong because I never use condoms with them. It’s wrong because I know better.