cuckhold stories

  1. Well that escalated quickly

    Well that escalated quickly

    Needs a white woman to nurture it
  2. NavyVetBbc

    FaceTime The Hubby

    He FaceTimed me to make sure his wife was getting her daily stomach filled. She sucked me 3 times and spit the second one in a little shot glass for her husband to enjoy later !
  3. NavyVetBbc

    Public Blowjob

    Would you sit in the front seat and drive while your wife sucked on my black cock ? Just imagine hearing the sucking noise and gagging on me. Your just driving around no tents and looking back and seeing your wive head going up and down on my BBC.
  4. Pretty&Pierced

    Jealous boyfriend

    We’re a younger Jamaican couple new in the lifestyle. And we’re loving every bit of it!!! He’s not into social media to much and thats we’re I get most my followers and friends. Now don’t get me wrong he loves when others are pleased by us or me or for us to please others. But he catch him...
  5. likestoplay444

    Hot Meetup Locations and DETAILS

    Is it just my wife? I doubt it. Several years ago I got a call - honey I just saw a really sexy black guy at Starbucks. We chatted for a second. Can I go back and see where it goes? my answer - fk yea you can Long story short it lead us to a multi-year relationship with a married BBC who...
  6. SemperDominus

    If her Daddy only knew!

    That’s what she kept thinking as her dream was finally to become a reality. It was a dream that haunted her and she was obsessed with seeing it through. It was so dirty, so taboo, so forbidden but she had no choice. She had watched too many videos, had too much late night cybersex, read too...
  7. VixenxStag4BBC

    How to convince your wife/girlfriend to cuckhold you.

    So you want the girl you love to welcome a strong black man into your bedroom and watch them make sweet, rough, love? Lucky for you cucky, This day and age is the best time in recent history to get your wife/girlfriend to start cheating on you with a black king Hint: Refer to black men as...
  8. White Christian Wife becomes BBC Cuckold Hotwife Chapter 1

    White Christian Wife becomes BBC Cuckold Hotwife Chapter 1

    white wives love to be converted to black dick whores
  9. Black adonis

    A positive experience

    Here is a positive experience I had. I met this couple about two years ago on I reached out to them and we shared some pictures, then chatted on the phone. About a month later we decided to meet. I drove over to their condo and met a very nice professional couple. After we...
  10. I

    Aspiring erotic author

    Hey everyone. My name is I.C Baldwin. I am 30 something year old white collar worker by day who is an aspiring erotic author by night. I'm also a 6 ft 280 pound black man who has (despite being well educated and extremely racially conscious) always been interesting in the cuckhold...