white slave

  1. Mr MiracleBBC

    The True Place Of The White Race

    The superior sexuality of the black race has been something for a long time that has been historically both feared and admired by white people. Not only because of are clearly noticeable size difference where it matters but also because of our passion and ferocity when it comes to sex. Our...
  2. WillowMai

    Caption me please

    I would like some signs like these all over my body to show I'm black owned as I'm thinking of having it tattooed on ;3
  3. Dsoul

    A Night at the Submission House

    A husband visits the Submission House to find his cheating wife. But instead he gets an experience he never would have expected . . . The corridor that they were on had multiple doors on either side. Each door had a designated square light above with a number reflecting in it. The light for...