A Male In The UK To Sexually Service Me? Does It Mean I Am Bi/Gay?

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    Dear all, I am black gentleman born and raised in London, 39, UK. I have always been a heterosexual and have never been attracted to men in any shape or form. I don’t discriminate against anybody for their sexual preferences. I love women so much – thighs, pussy, booty, upper arm and breasts.

    However lately, I have begun to question my sexuality. Am I bicurious? Do I want to be? I feel so guilty for such feelings. I have tried to eliminate such thoughts but they just won’t depart. Maybe it is because I massage men whilst they are nude. I massage all adults but prefer to massage women. Many men have seen my body photos – face, cock (big and very beautiful IMHO) and booty (large and pert) and have told me they want to fuck me. Maybe this is having a subconscious effect on me. During full body sensual massages, they are literally begging to fuck me as my massages are so intense and they are rock hard. I always decline. Women love my massages too and I do extras with the women – sometimes whilst their male hubby is watching. I have never had sex with a man, sucked his cock or let him suck my cock for the record.

    How did this all come about you may wonder? I was watching interracial porn, my favourite porn genre and came across a video of a BBC who let both M & F suck his cock. That turned me on so much. I also watched a white female suck a BBC and then some other guys suck the BBC and kiss him. For some odd reason, I am curious about letting such happen to me. I want a mature man to be my sex slave. A man who is attached to a wife or long term female girlfriend. A submissive man. Also a professional man as these are the types I deal with when I have fun.

    Please give me your tips, advise and views on such thoughts? Will they die down if I continue to have regular pussy? Are there any professional guys in London willing to speak to me about this? Do any black guys in here have such thoughts? How have you dealt with it? If a guy sucked your cock, how did you feel after? Would you do it again? Am I gay or bi? Does letting a man suck your cock class you as gay. Maybe curious? I am on KIK/Skype for IM. I am open-minded will welcome all views. Thanks. D
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    my husband and I had a MFF threesome , really sexy girl , one of the best positions was having the girl underneath me licking my clit while my hubby took me from behind , it was the most erotic sexy experience being fucked and licked at the same time , and as my hubby slid his cock into me the girl would flick her tongue over his cock and balls , it was unbelievable pleasure for both of us especially when he shot inside me with his cum dripping out of my pussy , with the girl licking both of us clean ........next time you have a threesome , get the guy to lie underneath and service you both , it will certainly bring the girl / wife to extreme orgasms .......as long as you get pleasure does it matter all the best M
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    As a fellow professional I fully understand the feelings one can have, in many ways I see my BI activities as an exploration of that side of me, which augments my hetro side, as two sides of the coin. I have been a sex slave with a BDSM tilt to a Black mistress in London, and the idea of trying out the experience with a sincere professional Black Master is very appealing. The last time I had a relationship with a Black male partner was very fulfilling. and very short, due to pressures of work at the time I was sadly unable to continue to be of service to him, which was a loss.

    But yes since you ask the last time my cock was sucked the feeling was yes one of fulfillment and relief, perhaps in a proper slave relationship with a committed Black master the feelings could become more intense than what is the norm.