1,2 or more?!!!


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I would imagine it would be a individual preference. I know when it comes to kinky sex, my wife likes MMFs (with me as one of the M's) over other forms ... ie couple swaps, small groups of males, etc. IMO, black males seem intent to fuck the white ladies with a lot more effort, if for no other reason, to prove that black men fuck white women better than white men. So, to take on 2-3 black males, the first time you go black, could prove a bit overwhelming for most ladies. How experienced, in general, are you at taking multiple males at one time, and do you like it? :)
I would say for the first time to be with one person. Get comfortable and intimate. You can build up to multi or gang bangs at your own pace. Just keep level headed and don't take on more then you can handle, and have fun with it.
been wiit multiple girls but neva more then one guy, was just thinking wit one guy it might feel to intimate?!!
what would be wrong with it being to intimate? i don't know your situation if you have a guy or not, but you could always have another girl and dude, i am sure the guy wouldn't mind. it doesn't have to be sex either, you could just start with some 4 play