white women

  1. F

    Bachelorette & Black Cock!!

    Perfect opportunity to unite sexy white women visiting Nashville that are curious about BBC! I’m here to help safely and discreetly.
  2. Kull711

    The White Girlfriend Series ♠️

    i'm not sure if anyone has experienced this series on youtube, but i highly recommend watching it for anyone who's part of this community 🤣💯.
  3. Smelling Jules Ass: Episode 1

    Smelling Jules Ass: Episode 1

    Smelling Jules ass on the couch
  4. jewbro

    White women making it clear why they're protesting

    White women standing against racism at BLM protests.
  5. Zeina

    Verified Verify =)

    1 2 And 3 =)
  6. D

    Why do I orgasm hardest when a white women goes bareback with a BBC?

    I always seem to get much harder when the white woman goes bareback than if she uses a condom. For some reason using a condom with a black man makes me flaccid AF. Anyone know why this is?
  7. Jayy3116

    Females only!! Show them big white titties!!

    Show them big white tittys!! Piercings to.. show us them nipple peircings..
  8. J

    Can a black cock change a white woman's life?

    É uma possibilidade real?
  9. J

    Why do black guys seem so good at sex?

    I realized that in most videos between black guys and white women, they seem to be enjoying sex more than they would with a white man. I saw a video where there was a bull that had sex with a white wife for almost 1 hour without looking exhausted. I know that skin color does not determine...
  10. Whitewifeneedsbbc

    Why do BBC’s love fucking white girls ass so much ?

    Why do BBC’s love fucking white girls ass so much ?
  11. 9

    Memphis Sex club, orgys or swinging for a young single black male

    Yo does Memphis have any interracial sex clubs? I’m a young black man looking for white pussy no matter the age! Germantown/collierville located.
  12. Acorn

    Do you wish you started sooner?

    Ladies, knowing everything you know now, do you wish you had started sooner? if so, how long ago?
  13. F

    Black Cock Admiration from White Women

    Women usually have amazing reactions when they see a fat black dick. Sometimes they will marvel and praise it. That's the theme for this thread. Gifs AND photos welcome!
  14. bigblackone44


    Just got verified this week. Wanted to reach out to those in the community who are verified -- especially women and couples -- to friend and follow. Looking forward to chatting and possibly meeting. I'm on the East Coast but I definitely travel.
  15. Clanort

    Some good BBC for the ladies of the site

    Hey I've seen a lot of amazing pics of white girls for the man of the site, but not enough pic for the ladies of the community. I hope you all appreciate this thread as a sign of reconossaince for you all ladies of the site that make this white boi happy knowing you all are going or interested...
  16. A


  17. Fitnhung

    Any SWF or White BBW in NYC/CT or NJ?

    If you want to experience the best orgasm, i'm your guy. Let me take care of your juicy, white pussy, g-spot pounding and lot's of orgasm. I'm only interested in Single white woman or white bbw. No couples
  18. A

    A theory

    "The more outwardly racist the white girl, the more she secretly lusts after big black cock." Discuss.
  19. Black & White

    Black & White

    Black & White connect
  20. B

    Rising white female obesity rates and interracial sex