white women

  1. Champion Dick rider

    Champion Dick rider

    Fiancé rides the best bbc ever
  2. A


  3. Fitnhung

    Any SWF or White BBW in NYC/CT or NJ?

    If you want to experience the best orgasm, i'm your guy. Let me take care of your juicy, white pussy, g-spot pounding and lot's of orgasm. I'm only interested in Single white woman or white bbw. No couples
  4. A

    A theory

    "The more outwardly racist the white girl, the more she secretly lusts after big black cock." Discuss.
  5. Black & White

    Black & White

    Black & White connect
  6. C

    Cuckolds!!! How perverted are you?

    Cuckolds, when it comes to your interracial cuckold fantasies about white women and black men, on a scale of 1-10 how perverted are your fantasies. 1= you are not perverted 10= you are highly perverted, if people knew your fantasies they would call you a creep, lol. :)
  7. D

    Nashville Fun Times 4 a sexy white woman

    I have a once in a lifetime offer for the right sexy white woman who is single and either curious about BBC or already into it and want to explore more :) I'm a very fit and very good looking real white guy: 6'1 200, in shape, fun to hang out with, professional, good job. I'm looking for a...
  8. G

    Interracial Edén

  9. C

    Why do white women love bbc?

    Ladies why do you love black cock? Is it the size? Is it because you've always had IR fantasys? Are all white women naturally submissive to BBC? Ladies, Bulls and cucks feel free to join in.
  10. C

    When last did you see a hot white woman in public that you would like to see get black cock?

    The last time i saw a hot white woman in public was about 2 weeks ago. I actually saw two, one walked past me at the mall. The one that walked past me at the mall was a very hot blonde with a nice body and a nice ass. She is one of the hottest white women that i have ever seen, she is basically...
  11. C

    Cuckolds, introducing white women to black men

    I have a question for white cuckolds. Have you ever introduced a white woman to a black man to date? If not have you ever considered doing it? I know that some white cuckolds get sexually aroused by introducing white female friends to black men.
  12. C

    Cuckolds and Bulls: Jackoff material (pictures)

    I started this thread so that Bulls and Cuckolds can post their favorite pictures to masturbate to. If you have any pictures that you love to masturbate to, post them on this thread.
  13. C

    White couples snowballing

    I think it's hot when a white wife snowballs her white husband, its so taboo and sexy. The white wife has sex with a black man the black man ejaculates into the white wifes mouth and then she kisses her husband. Snowballing adds to the humiliation, would you snowball your husband?
  14. C

    Beauty pageants and big black cock

    Whenever i watch beauty pageants i always wonder which of the contestants would fuck a black man. Sometimes when i watch the miss universe pageant i masturbate thinking of all the contestants getting fucked by black men, it makes my cock very hard.
  15. C

    Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you see this photo?

    I would like to know whats the first thing that you think of when you see this photo? I think those black men were lucky to get so close to such a hot white woman. I hope they had sex with her.
  16. W

    Any tv advertisements promoting interracial cuckolding?

    Hey I've been wondering if any of you know of any new tv ads that was made between 2012 to 2015 that are indirectly promoting cuckolding and interracial relationships. It has to specifically be ads about black men and white women. If you know of any ads please post the names of those tv ads...
  17. W

    Interracial cuckolding and white couples, big black cock, bbc

    Hey, i'm a white man that like to watch interracial porn. For many years i fantasized about white women getting fucked by black men. I always thought i was the only white man that had these type of fantasies, but after reading many posts from other white men i realise that there are many white...
  18. EricInternational

    Hello White Ladies, and friends everywhere

    Motto I play it cool I dig all jive That's the reason I stay alive My motto As I live and learn Is dig and be dug in return -Langston Hughes That poem above pretty much sums up just who I am. That poem above was written by one of America’s greatest writers, poets, and thinkers. It is a motto...