1. Gondra123

    Submissive girlfriend

    We want a really dominant bull, that wouldn't take no for an answer. Would set his own rules and limits. She wouldn't have option to refuse anything. He has the power and controls everything. Extreme cuckold breeding interracial impregnation exposure public gangbang domination outdoor
  2. Trying to get my 19yo white girl neighbor pregnant

    Trying to get my 19yo white girl neighbor pregnant

  3. Yes? or No? 🍑

    Yes? or No? 🍑

  4. Gondra123

    African Breeding

    I'd love for my wife to be invited by a BBC king to Africa for some holidays. She would have to go alone (without me) once there, she would be made available to every single BBC that would want her. They would breed her all week. Fucking her pussy hardcore. During one week a 30 BBCs would fuck...
  5. White wife does her best to make an interracial baby - August 14th 2015.mp4

    White wife does her best to make an interracial baby - August 14th 2015.mp4

    White wife repeatedly clenches her pussy around her stud, gently massaging his sperm filled balls, coaxing as much of his seed into her as she can.
  6. B

    Missing an old friend

    Some nights I imagine being underneath him again and how from the moment we met I never allow a condom within my reach. Raw connection and raw sex. I miss worshipping his cock. I got rid of safe words because I loved the pain he caused me when we fucked. I made him fuck my swollen pussy so many...
  7. husbandpov.mp4


    A clip from last night. More 2 kum
  8. Urge to impregnate

    Urge to impregnate

    Always keep my balls full to maximize fertilization chances, you carrying thick spunk for the ones willing to receive it. I work out to raise its quality, fertility is very important to me Gues this is me saying i have a breeding fetish combined with interracial
  9. B

    The Core Elements of a Nut Draining Scene? What Makes it Perfect? -Raceplay? Breeding? Coercion?

    I do video and audio editing. I'm tired of not having exactly what I want when I really need to get off. So I've decided to put my skills and some studying together and I'm going to put together the perfect 3-5 minute scenes of pure interracial cum emptying perfection. But first I need some key...
  10. dana-europe

    Mix-race baby: racism and is that enough contribution to BNWO

    What are you experiences and thoughts? Once a woman has a mix race kid, is her contribution to BNWO fulfilled? Is it enough? Do you regret the white women that have to deal with racism?
  11. IMG_20170813_194757.jpg


    Fertile broodmare Interesting, that I have alt speaking tone, but when I'm screaming during orgasms, I used to reach soprano level.
  12. IMG_20170813_195037.jpg


    I'm sure, that my udders will capable to breast-feed my prospective black baby.
  13. WIFE Begging for ♠️igger B🖤TTER  🧈

    WIFE Begging for ♠️igger B🖤TTER 🧈

    She literary begs for ♠️igger BUTTER 🧈 That’s a thing? It is now! 🤣
  14. bibbc101

    Have you been Breed or not.

    Personally i like to impregnate as much snowbunny's as i can ( the more black baby's the better lol ) i what to see how many of y'all feel the same way.
  15. IMG_20211031_0813023.JPG


    Fertile German pussy filled with potent African seed.
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    Successful mature hot mom breeding !!!

    So about two months back. A encounter with a older woman,that was looking for a bull for onlyfans content. After speaking with her and learning she was 45 Caucasian woman 4,11 about 120lbs…I am 5’9 158lbs nine inch endowed we ended up meeting at her apartment she was in fishnets and had two...
  17. E

    My girlfriend and our postman.

    I want to tell the story of my girlfriend fucking bbc for the first time and how she did it behind my back. He got her pregnant but she didn’t keep the baby. Let me know if you want us to tell our story!
  18. A

    You fav black breeding vids

    What your favorite black breeding video Here are some of mine
  19. Black cock slut housewife for black bulls!

    Black cock slut housewife for black bulls!

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    Cumdump for black !

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