Young NW Cuckold Couple

We are a mid-twenties couple seeking to explore further into the cuckolding lifestyle. We're hoping to find others with similar interests that are interested in long term online friendships and maybe even find some real friends or playmates in the Portland/Vancouver area. This is a mutual interest we are pursuing over time and not something that's going to happen right away. My fiance enjoys sex with me but has admitted that I don't make her cum very often because I "can't pound [her]" like she needs to be. I opened up to her after hearing this and explained to her that I was okay with her sleeping with what she called "real men". She likes being mildly dominate towards me but also admitted she wants someone to take control. I started finding the idea of her being shared very interested and so did she. A few months ago she and I invited a mutual friend over to fuck her. She was nervous but eventually after a few beers I whispered to him to just grab and fuck her, which he did. She was uncomfortable at first kissing him but once she saw that I was okay she started getting into it. Her panties came off after he went down on her with me lying next to them in our bed. I told her to grab a condom which she made me do and I honestly don't think she was going to even use one had I not mentioned it. He put it on and immediately slipped is cock into her as she wrapped her legs around him. He later came while fucking her in the doggy style position with me right in front of her. She whispered to me that she loved me right before he finished. She says that he didn't make her cum but I think she just doesn't want me to feel bad since I can't. She loves to be filled with cum and last night stated she wants a man who's cum is "worthy enough to fill her pussy". She is serious about this and reminds me everyday that I am her cuckold. We've agreed that eventually, however long it takes, she will delve further into fulfilling both her and my desires. When she finds the right person down the road she says she's going to make me lick her after each time he fucks her. I don't really know where this intro is leading so I'll end it with the word... blahhhh