Yesterday at the mall

I love to dress like a tease when I go places. I love the way Black men look at me and smile a dirty smile. I love the way my rigid nipples look and feel as my braless tits jiggle under my flimsy shirt.

Tyree and I went to the mall yesterday, I was so horny and wanted 2 see if I could hook up with someone. Just as long as they can keep up with this 56 year old freak in the sheets.

I wore my short yellow dress with the usual no panties,and my yellow heels. My big ole donk was really bouncing!

I went into the athletic store and flirted with the guys working in there. They were falling all over themselves wanting to help me. I bought a few things and felt even hornier knowing that they were staring at all dat azz!

I left the store and felt like someone was following me. I went to the food court and got a pop. I sat down and noticed an attractive young black man looking at me. He got up and came to my table.

"May I sit here young lady?" he asked in a sexy deep voice. "Or are you waiting for your boyfriend?"

"Um..sure," I said wondering what this guy was up to. "I don't mind."

"I can't stand to see such a beautiful woman all by herself." he said lowering his tall, well built frame to the chair.

"Oh?" I giggled "Well, name is Linda."

We talked a little and he said his name was Will. I finished my pop and told him thanks for the company as I got up. He stood up and thanked me for the encounter. I walked away and went to the bathroom,making sure to make my Pawg jiggle as much as I could, then I went to the parking garage. I ran into Will who was parked on the same level as I was.

"Hey! I know you!" I said as I walked by.

"Hey girl, where'd you park?" he said walking to me.

"Oh, I'm up here a little ways." I said growing extremely horny for this young black man.

He walked with me to my car and I bent down to unlock it. When I stood up, he was almost on top of me. I jumped and he put his hand on my arm and began to rub it slowly.

"Don't be scared, Linda. I would never hurt such a fine lady.

My nipples were beyond rigid under his touch.

"Oh I'm not afraid of you Will," I said in a very sexy tone. "I'm definitely curious about you."

"How so?" he said caressing my cheek and my neck.

"Well, curious if you like what you see?" I said watching his eyes study my enormous ass.

He slowly slid his hands down my neck to my tits and began playing with my nipples. I was so wet by this time.

"I can't really see," he said fondling my tits. "what I want to look at is covered up."
The parking garage was kinda dark so I thought 'what the hell?' So I pulled up my dress so he could see the merchandise.

I felt my pussy getting totally wet as he lowered his head and began sucking my tits. His big wet lips felt amazing on my hard nipples as he sucked them hungrily. I moaned in pure delight and began to rub his crotch. His cock was very long and thick.

"Let me see this cock." I said giving it a squeeze and feeling it pulse under his clothes.

"You ever had a brother's cock before?" he asked slowly bringing his massive cock out for me to see.

Shit Boo, Thats all that goes inside me.So I spun Will around and told him " I think your gonna like this!" I spread his hard tight ass cheeks apart and drove my tongue deep in his ass. Oh My God! He moaned. I was in heaven, as I tongued my young lover.

I reached around and began to stroke his cock. It was thick and very long. I couldn't take it anymore and had to have that gorgeous massive ebony cock in my mouth! That's it girl," he said holding my head while I bobbed on his rod. "suck daddy's cock...squeeze my balls baby girl...yeah...I bet your pussy is on fire."

I opened up the door to the backseat of my car. "Have a seat?" I asked pressing myself against him.

I got on all fours, laying my chest on my counsel and putting my knees on the seat with my ass facing him. I had a leg on either side of him showing him my pussy. He wasted no time rubbing my clit and fingering my tight wet cunt with his massive fingers. And then I lost it,..I felt myself cum and squirted all over the place,and he spread my ass apart and began tongue fucking my pussy while he worked his finger in and out of my ass hole.

I was cumming and moaning while he drove me crazy. "You need to ride my cock girl." he said pulling his finger out of my ass. "It's been waiting for your hot wet pussy."

I turned around and straddled his massive monster while he held it up for me to have easy access. I slowly lowered myself onto his thickness. I moaned as he guided me down his shaft. "Take it slow girl," he said kissing my snow white tities. "That's it...let your pussy soak my cock." I was so fucking wet and his words were making me hotter. I told him to talk dirty to me, like the slut I am.

I began to ride him moaning at the length of his cock."Oh my God!" I said slowly riding his amazing tool. "Yeah that tight pussy on me what you got."

I leaned back on him and began to rub my clit while I slid up and down on him. My pussy gripped his cock making him moan in appreciation. "Wow, that's tight!" he said groping my tits. "Rub your clit harder....make your pussy explode all over me." I rubbed it harder and faster while I bucked wildly on his cock. I came hard and wrapped my arms around his neck and slammed my pussy hard and fast on him. I was screaming at the pure pleasure of it all. He was moaning and grunting as he pushed up hard on me to match his thrusts with mine.

"Fuck me harder!" he said grabbing my hips and helping me pound his cock. "make me cum baby."

He was sweating and moaning and then nutted inside me. I began to slow down my pace and then I came to a stop. I could feel his cock twitching inside of me. He kissed my ear and whispered "That was unreal baby girl. My cock hasn't had action like that ever!

I giggled and let him suck my nipples for a few minutes feeling his cock getting softer. I slid off of him and pulled my dress down. He pulled up his pants and got out too.

"It was sure nice to meet you Miss LInda." he said kissing my sweaty forehead.

"Yeah, you too, Will" I said smiling at him.

"I hope it was as good for you as it was for me." he said playing with my nipples again. "You are a sexy lady and I enjoyed every minute of pleasure you gave me."

"It was amazing," "I'm glad you liked it too."

So, Will took off and then Tyree appeared from around another car in the lot, We got in the car and I gave him some dome and he nutted down my throat and we went home.
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