Written by my wifes Ex BF

How we got started...One day while I was over visting former co-worker and his wife, we were catching up on old times talking about our former employer and all the people with whom we used to work.It was a very hot summer night and the three of us were just sitting around their in the ground pool sipping ice tea and enjoying good laughs relating stories about some of the thing people did in the office. When my co-worker started talking about the time the sales manager who's office was down the hall from us forgot to lock his door and got caught fucking his secretary on his desk by cleaning crew, my former co-worker's wife excuse herself and went into the house. A few minutes later she came back out with a large beach towel wrapped around her. She stated that since it was a very hot night it was the perfect time for a swim to cool off. With that said, she dropped the towel to reveal that she was totally naked beneath the towel, and she dove into the pool and began swimming. Sensing my shock and surprise, my co-worker told me that they had recently decided to give swinging a try because he could not get an erection due to the medication he was taking for his heart. He said that his wife who by the way is a very beautiful, slender brunette always had a crush on me and wanted me to be their first swinging partner. So they set this little get together up to see if I would be willing. At this point I was more than willing. Having not had sex in several months, my cock was strainiing in my shorts to get out and get into her beautiful body. As my co-worker was asking if I would be willing to make love to his wife, she climb out of the pool and walked over to me placing her pierced belly button up against my lips. I started kissing my way up her perfectly toned body to her 34C breast stopping to suck on each nipple then working my way up her chest and neck until she and I were locked in a deep passionate kiss. While she and I were sharing our lovers embrace, my co-worker who was drying his wife's back as we kiss then took her towel into their f****y room and spread it out on the carpet for us to use. As we kissed I felt her hand reach down and grab my hard cock through my shorts. Feeling it size she she gasped and said that she wanted to see it. So, not wanting to wait any longer I stripped off all my clothes allowing my cock to spring free. When she saw the size of my cock she said she was not sure if it would fit inside of her because my co-worker is only 5 inches when he is fully hard. She then dropped to her knees on their patio deck and started giving me an incredible blowjob right there at their poolside. Her sucking tecnique was awesome and I could feel months of stored up come building up like old faithful about to errupt. NOt wanting to come too soon I told her that I wanted to make this last and that I too needed to taste her as well. So, she stood up and we went into the f****y room and laid down on the towel that my co-worker placed down for us in the 69 position with her on top. After several more minutes of us each enjoying the taste of each other's body, she turned around and slid down my body grabbing my cock at the same time, placing the tip of my head at the entrance of her sweet pussy. Slowly she pushed down allowing the head of my cock to slip into her extremely tight pussy. Each time she pushed down, she eased back off and pushed down a little further to allow her pussy to expand and get used to my size. As she continued working more and more of my cock inside of her, her pussy finally gave way and she slid all the way down burying me deep inside of her. When she felt my cock slip up into her womb, she let out a loud moan and told her husband that I was inside of her baby making factory. She then leaned forward sliding her arms around my neck and pleaded with me to take her because she was mine to have when ever I wanted her. With that I flipped her onto her back and started pounding into her driving my cock as deep into her womb as it could reach. Each time she came I could feel her pussy get even tighter around my cock and her beautiful hazel eyes would roll back in her head as tears rolled down her cheeks from the intensity of her orgasms. After several minutes of her tight pussy walls gripping my cock, I could not hold out any longer and the months of built up cum was ready for release. When I told her I was going to cum she wrapped her legs tightly around me and push her body up to meet mine as I pushed down into her and shot stream after stream of cum deep into her womb. After my cock stopped pulsating from coming I kept my cock buried inside of her to enjoy the sensation of her tightness while we passionately kissed. With me still inside of her she told me that she was a virgin when she married my co-worker and that I was the first person to make love to her other than her husband. She said she was very happy that I was her first extramarital lover and that for now she was satified with me being her only lover if I ok with it. I told her I was very happy with that arrangement and that just talking about it was making me hard again so we then went to their bedroom where we continued making love for the rest of the night. Several days later my co-worker called me and thanked me for making his wife happy and that I was welcome to have her anytime I desired because she absolutely loves me and my cock. Deke