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    I signed up for this forum today and would like to tell you a little about myself. I am 23, college grad, working as an account executive for a company in Baltimore. My girlfriend, Linda, is currently a Junior at Penn State. She went to the University of Maryland for two years and then a girl friend of hers convinced her to go to Penn. Lin told me that it isn't too far for us to still be "us" and she said as soon as she graduates then we can marry.

    This past summer I convinced her that since she will be "alone" at Penn that she should date while she is there and that if we were really meant to be that it would all work out. She knows I have been looking at cuck and hotwife web sites and that it excites me. One day we were reading some stories together and fooling around and she saw how hard I got; it was a story about a guy who let his gf date and an old flame got back in her life and the rest was history, he lost his place in her bed. She asked me if that turned me on and I told her yes. I remember how she squeezed my cock and asked me if I would be turned on if she dated. She saw my answer as I started cumming all over her tummy.

    Since she has been at school, she has been out dating different guys but no one serious. Her apartment mate, Susan, has been "nice enough" to let me know how Lin's social life has been. I have been up to campus twice in the past month to spend time with her and she has told me about her dates and that has really made our making out very hot. She is still a virgin, I have to admit I am not, before I dated Linda I lost my virginity in high school. Linda has told me she wants to stay "pure" until marriage, and I have not pushed her. But recently I have been have some hot dreams of some hot guy at Penn getting her to forsake her pledge of purity.

    Has anyone dated long distance and had the same horny thoughts like myself where he wanted his girl to succumb to some sexy stud.

    Glad to be on board and looking forward to sharing this experience with other members.

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    Its been a busy week and I have had no time to add to this post. I have placed a picture in my album. It is of Susan (a friend of Linda and the one who convinced her to transfer to Penn State), Linda and myself. Susan called me to let me know that while Linda and her were at the gym practicing volleyball, Dan, a friend of Susan, asked her who that "sexy girl was". Linda told him that her name was Linda and she transferred from the University of Maryland. He asked her if she was dating anyone and Sue said just some guys, nothing serious. Sue told him to stop by the restaurant near her apartment that evening and she would introduce her to him. Well that was Tuesday, if nothing happened before hand, they had their first date yesterday, Friday evening. I am waiting with a stiffy wondering how she liked him. Well I hope to hear from other forum members.

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    Show the pics!
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