Wifey decides to blow cuck's o-ring

Wifey is still recovering from her last lover/date. (Some details posted here.) Long story short: first experience with her new lover, she suffered micro tears but had a fantastic experience which is why she decided to fuck him again. The second experience, she suffered some tears; still liked the experience. But now, not only can she not have sex until she's healed but has to ease back into it leaving the out the larger cocks out until fully recovered and trained. Suffice it to say, she's been incredibly frustrated. So, last night she decided to take out her frustration on me- naturally its my fault that my cock doesn't satisfy her and she has to keep it caged. She decided to take her frustration out by stealing one one and fucking me. Her goal- to fuck destroy the asshole o-ring out, so that I could feel the pain she's in.
I've added pix (taken by her) in an album (on this site) you can get to via my profile.
Do let me know what you think. Do you think she succeeded? Failed?