1. BBC with wife while hubby records

    BBC with wife while hubby records

    Having fun with wife while hubby records
  2. Pink Lilia

    I am looking for a cuck :3

    Hey x Lilia is here :) I'm looking for a cuckold who will spoil me silly and watch how I have sexual encounters with the other guys on my paid platforms :3 Yes, yes, I will, of course, humiliate you as you deserve :) Oh, and of course you cannot write me here because you are useless and you...
  3. B

    Young couple rochester NY

    My profile has some more detailed posts. Looking for a hung bull. Young couple, looking to test the waters. Discreet and need safe fun play. Message us! Wife is 5’4 and 130ish lbs and thick in all the right ways. I’m 5’9 150lbs young white couple. I know she wants me to watch her and I want to...
  4. B

    Rochester NY Married Couple

    Hello! I started my account a long time ago, and my wife and I have certainly progressed over time and have found ourselves much more interested in this type of playing. We’re both young professionals in the rochester area that need to be discreet. She’s down for the playing, but worried about...
  5. Public fuck with manager

    Public fuck with manager

    What a view i got we drove up to Easton pa and menant the planet fitness manager there we tag teamed my girl in the tanning room
  6. BBC creampies my Mexican hotwife

    BBC creampies my Mexican hotwife

    Once it got out that I share my wife with BBC, every single one of my black co-workers have been asking for a piece! My bud James here has been a good friend since I started working at my current place of employment. He got first dibs and filled her up!(told him not to but who am i to stop a BBC!)
  7. F

    Aspiring Cuck in Maine

    Hello, friends. To be succinct, I need this. I've had my fair share of sexual experiences over the years, and this is what I always come back to. I want to be a good and loyal Cuck for a Queen of Spades with all my heart. Fully ready to submit to the BNWO in any form. Experienced with chastity...
  8. BBC Co-worker come by late to give my Mexican wife some much needed cock!

    BBC Co-worker come by late to give my Mexican wife some much needed cock!

    Wife was being a bit of a bitch one night and I knew immediately what was wrong. Texted my buddy who has the right TOOL for the job and told him that she needed some "heavy work" tonight. Without hesitation he said he was on his way to help me! Showed up and laid pipe like a professional!
  9. cavemanza

    Help promote BNWO in South Africa

    Im sold on the BNWO but there is no content or propaganda for South Africans. Help with ideas plz. Common fellow South Africans! Lets create groups, promote on X, discord other social media etc. This is the rainbow nation coming from apartheid. Lets build the a true BNWO community in South Africa!

    My Hungry Pussy Swallowing His Big Black Cock

    Teach Your Cuck So That He Knows His Duties Next Time You Plan To Meet Your BBC Lover
  11. B

    Gf won’t pleasure me the same

    So my gf has only dated and slept with black guys prior to meeting me and this was a little intimidating at first but it’s just gone farther and farther with time and I feel like she might even be cheating on me. At first she called me one of her ex lovers names several times and I tried to...
  12. P

    Wie findet ihr meine Freundin? (19)

  13. another hubby POV

    another hubby POV

    Cant wait to see them again after they come back from vacation this time my girl and i and gonna slut his hotwife out while he watches and records lol
  14. F

    Suche BBC für meine Freundin

    Hallo meine Freundin hat sich über die Zeit zu einer Sizequeen bzw Black only Dame entwickelt und mich immer mehr zum Cuckold gemacht.
  15. P

    couple looking 4 bull in bay area

    Hi! First time couple learning how all of this works lol but looking for a BBC bull in the Bay Area. Prefer if you had a place we could enjoy our time in. Not sure what to put in here other than looks matter a good bit (sorry D:) as well as needing to be clean(tested).
  16. Wero12398


    name of this mature or more content?
  17. No mercy!!!

    No mercy!!!

    Who next?
  18. Watch out for the wet spot!

    Watch out for the wet spot!

    Redheaded hotwife squirts unexpectedly after BBC pounding
  19. Eat my hot warm cum

    Eat my hot warm cum

    Hubby loved the taste
  20. Alexandariaof

    Hubby and I love coaching couples in the lifestyle!

    Men….Do you want learn to be a cuck and help guide your wife into being a hot wife? Ladies, do you want help training your man to be a cuck while you fuck big cocks? We have helped couples in the lifestyle many times. We have supported two couples who wanted this lifestyle, we have support...