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    Any BBC wana fuck us?

    We may be looking for a new bull anyone interested?
  10. Gfwantsblacked

    Thoughts on the matter of: pre gaming?

    When meeting a bull or meeting a couple or being cucked, what is something you have to always do or bring with you before a meeting. What is the thought process before? Do you binge watch porn before? What about dinner? What are your lifestyle habits?
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    Tight pussy for BBC

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    Freundin Austausch, Chat, Fotos und vielleicht mehr.

    Hi. Suche einen netten Kerl oder eine Gruppe zum Cuckold und Wifesharing Austausch. Das Thema ist die eigene Freundin oder Exfreundin. In meinem Fall Ina, 24, 1.88m, lange rote Haare bis zum Po und grüne Augen. 80c Per Mail oder Skype wäre super. Gern mit Erfahrungs- und Bilderaustausch...
  14. C

    NYC Based Cuck Dreamer

    Hi All - I'm a NYC-based married cuck dreamer. I'm looking to learn more about this world and hopefully connect with some local Bulls. My wife has claimed she isn't interested but I'm perfectly happy to be patient with her and see how/if things evolve. She has hinted at interest at times and I...
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    What do you think about my wife

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  16. Pigtails


    Daddy said pigtails for my morning presentation so here we are. PM me for my Snapchat to see me displayed every morning.
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    Dressed and ready

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    Cap/Tribute/Photoshop Request

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    Cucks with a small penis: have you told a prospective partner before you had sex?

    The title kinda says it all really: I'd like to hear from cucks that are in a relationship and in this lifestyle whether they told their partner about their small penis before they had sex or whether they decided not mention it, allowing your partner to discover the small size of your penis for...