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  3. R

    BLACK bull in New York

    Hi there! We’re Righ and Reina (both 19). We live In the New York area and are looking for a hung (at least 8.5 inches), black, cuck friendly bulls (age 18-28) who want to fuck my latin girlfriend regularly while I watch. We want more than a one time occurance, so feel free to message if you’re...
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    Sex house in Orlando Florida.

    Hi! We are a couple, me and my girlfriend Reina (20, Latin, Sexy, freaky) are renting a house in Orlando in May. We will only be there for a few days (normally live in D.C)and are looking for 2-3 black bulls. Age range: 18-26. Cock size: Minimum 8 inches. Must be okay with: Having a cuck watch...
  5. hubby_coaches_hotwife_with_a_roomful_of_cock.mp4


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  6. R

    Here to serve.

    Hello to all the cuckholdress' and couples. While there are more details about me in my profile and I am happy to answer any questions you may have, plain and simply, I am here to serve as best I can. I have discovered a newfound interest in this lifestyle after many years in other roles. I...
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  8. Wifey & Bull Pt.2

    Wifey & Bull Pt.2

    Traveling Bull here East Coast 2 West Coast🌍 Kik:HungWitMark2 Let me Funfill your desires 💦 Please No Single Males 🙅🏾‍♂️ (You will be blocked )🚷❌
  9. Wifey & Me Pt.1

    Wifey & Me Pt.1

    Traveling Bull here East Coast 2 West Coast🌍 Kik:HungWitMark2 Let me Funfill your desires 💦 Please No Single Males 🙅🏾‍♂️ (You will be blocked )🚷❌
  10. futurecuck_

    Question for black men...

    Sometimes as a cuck you get carried away and the bulls usually see how submissive you are in and out of the bedroom when your inside our gf's or out and about with them. I haven't ever asked someone in person but do bulls find the whole cuck situation weird and just do it because they are...
  11. She loves Black Bulls

    She loves Black Bulls

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    Older Cuck looking for hotwivies and women

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    Foot long

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    Qos first foot long

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    Two BBCs Share Slut Wife.mp4

    On July 1, 2018, I posted a video of my Slut wife being fucked by one BBC, #9, while she jacked another BBC, #5. This video, taken on the same day, shows the reverse; that is her being fucked by BBC #5 while she jacked BBC #9. She loved being shared by two BBCs at the same time.
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