1. Xavier WooDz

    Hey are there any people in THE DMV -NORTHERN VA AREA!

    Ok so I’ve been on this site for a couple of months. Reading the threads I come to realize that there are very few chances of you actually meeting or even talking to Women off this site on the phone. I’m here to be the INVESTIGATOR FOR THIS DEBATE! ANY WOMEN IN THE. NORTHERN VA DC AREA call me...
  2. asiancuck2017

    Asian cuckold couple

    Hi we are happily married for over 13 years. She is 38 and i am 40. I introduced her to the idea to try going out with other guys. Took months if not years to convince her to meet other guys. Ever since her first date 6 years ago, there has been no looking back. She loves the...
  3. jane mintu


    Why do men get cucked?
  4. Xavier WooDz

    BBC here but I’m 28 is that too young??? White women Replies please

    hey im 28 years old with a 10 in BBC and I haven’t been with a female over 40 yet is a wish and a fantasy of mines! How do I make this happen without coming off to young looking or in experienced
  5. Another satisfied wife!

    Another satisfied wife!

    A woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do!
  6. Hubby’s hobby

    Hubby’s hobby

    OMG, lately he gets more cock on the road than I do home! LOL
  7. So everyone knows

    So everyone knows

    Qos hotwife
  8. Viccuckcpl

    New york

    Where could an Aussie cpl stay and go to meet lots of BBC for a gb
  9. cuckoldnic

    NY Albany 30yr old single cuck needs queen

    I'm a very fit single, well employed 31 year old, who likes bbc cuckoldry. I have a pretty 6inch white cock, I love to eat pussy, watch bbc porn, I have a cock cage and would hope my cuckdress would help me gather a collection of cock cages. I love fucklicking and bbc creampie clean ups. I love...
  10. I love you babe

    I love you babe

    Nothing says “I love you” more than swallowing a BBC while my husband is watching it. True?
  11. LordGerthVador

    Video Chat w/ Cuckmatchmaker

    Cuck wannabes Cucks Beta Males Subs Etc If you desire advice on how to be a better cuck, find bbc loving ladies in your area,convince or introduce your wife to cucking, cuck events in your area lets talk about it.... Hangouts, whats ap,kik etc
  12. Cory lap

    date a cuckold new place

    Go to date a cuckold, and there is cuckoldress and cucks and couples
  13. toogoodtobetrue

    New BBC in Northern California

    Hello. My name is Brian, 35 years young. A gentleman in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I enjoying laughing and having fun more than anything and I'm a nerd in disguise. I love being in the lifestyle, sharing experiences and meeting awesome new people. I'm familiar with cuckold play...
  14. LordGerthVador

    Cuckmatchmaking/cuck consulting

    Are you a cuck wanna be? (meaning you desire to serve beautiful women who serve blackmen) Are you in a relationship and desire your significant lady to cuck you? Do you seek to speak with a well traveled Gentleman who speaks with Real Queen of Spades? 98% success rate.
  15. Robert Crest

    White Masturbation

    To all my fellow white males, I'm curious, How big are you and how many fingers does it take to jerk off? (since I know you can't use your full hand haha) I, personally, am 4.8" and use 3 fingers
  16. sucking on some DETROIT BBC showing off my wedding ring

    sucking on some DETROIT BBC showing off my wedding ring

    sucking on one of my favorite BULLS from DETROIT and fucking the hell outta me in the end all this while my CUCK husband films it. im such a slut
  17. C

    Hey everyone. Hopeful cuck in WV

    I'm a divorced male in my 40s. Never done this in real life yet, but really do want to. I started getting interested in interracial porn close to 20 years ago. First the pictures on the net. Then the little 10-15 second clips. Lots of masturbation material. Got divorced in the early 2000s...
  18. SirBAO

    Who's met Whom?

    New to this site and I just wanted to know who has actually met up with other other members from B2W and wanted to know about your experience. Let's hear from all perspectives Single females Hotwives Bulls Cucks We all know about the fakes and the flakes but lets hear the success stories.
  19. SirBAO

    I am SirBAO

    Hi I'm SirBAO. I am not new to the lifestyle but I am newish to this site. I never formally introduced myself. I am what you would call a Roaming Bull, as I travel often, both domestically as well as internationally. No Place I can't get too for some good pussy. I realized I love playing with...
  20. Dave964

    Cuck seeking girlfriend (Dallas, TX)

    I am seeking a Cuckoldress/Domme for what I would hope to be a long term relationship. While I would like someone local to my area, I am open to online possibilities if you would be willing to relocate to Dallas. I have a beautiful home just south of Dallas in which I hope to share one day with...