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  1. P

    Cap/Tribute/Photoshop Request

    Hey there, anyone here interested in doing one of the above to my girlfriend? Not posting nudes per her request. Just show me your best with these :)
  2. W

    Cucks with a small penis: have you told a prospective partner before you had sex?

    The title kinda says it all really: I'd like to hear from cucks that are in a relationship and in this lifestyle whether they told their partner about their small penis before they had sex or whether they decided not mention it, allowing your partner to discover the small size of your penis for...
  3. GF cucked me at work

    GF cucked me at work

    GF come home from work full of the bosses cum
  4. IMG_1602 (2).JPG

    IMG_1602 (2).JPG

    sucking that BBC
  5. F

    Drive around in a van while you fuck my wife

    At the end of the night ... she wants me to suck her pussy dry.
  6. Every morning

    Every morning

    I play with this black toy every morning. I cannot wait to live with my black owner after school. My cuck, wherever you are. Imagine eating the cum from my beautiful white pussy.
  7. Being of service

    Being of service

    Always serving black. I want a cuck to eat the cum from my pussy.
  8. Intense love for serving black

    Intense love for serving black

    I was collared 8 months ago by my black master and I absolutely love what it means to be black owned. I have made over 100 videos serving and playing with myself and I couldn’t be happier with the way I’m being treated. I suggest everyone find their proper black owner.
  9. The Life of a Stud

    The Life of a Stud

    Found this pic online from a GQ article on the lifestyle. I love fucking hot wives
  10. Hubby know is job...

    Hubby know is job...

  11. HotWifeMI

    Any BBC in Michigan or Wisconsin?

    My sexy wife wants to get pounded by a large bull. Anyone in the area? Will travel, for the right guy.
  12. Bbc4Whites

    Finding a cuck

    I am a young black bull training my 18 year old white slut about patriarchy and black supremacy.im also teaching her What I call “interracial progression”. This is the act of a white male or woman using their white privilege to place a minority (black in this case) in a better position. She’s a...
  13. Bigbamboo

    Dominant Black Master for your slut wife

    Are you seeking a dominant and experienced black master? Have your wife been craving to be dominated? Have you been dreaming of seeing her inner slut come out and play? I have been dominating and trading wives and single female to bring out their inner slut for the past ten years results are...
  14. Sassy Cassie

    Wild kinky bi couple from Dayton Ohio wanting a BBC for PNP

    Freaky bi couple ready to get kinky and wild. We want it rough and deep so we need a BBC. Really like getting throat fucked too. Into cuckolding and hubby is a CD. He likes to eat cum out of pussy so needs to be bareback. So cum party with us.

    Bi couple looking for a bbc for PNP in Dayton Ohio area

    We r wanting to get super freaky today. Both love to get pounded hard and deep by a bbc. I like to cuckolding my hubby too. If u r close by and want to cum to us we can start the party. Hubby wants to suck cum out of my pussy so we prefer bareback. We need a real hookup.
  16. Loving Anal Pounding.mp4

    Loving Anal Pounding.mp4

    You're all up in my ass, Daddy!
  17. Teencuck95

    Cuckold BBC Cult

    Hello all, hope your weeks are getting off to a good start Had an interesting thought over the weekend since ive been watching some cult/religious documentaries. Has there ever been a BBC/Cuckold Cult? Where they worship BBC and cucks sacrifice their wives on the daily? And if there isnt a...
  18. Ready to get freaky

    Ready to get freaky

    My sexy wife
  19. Lisa's Hubby

    Lisa's Hubby

    You wanna know something that's funny? He's not black either.
  20. Lisa's Hubby

    Lisa's Hubby

    At least he fucks other bitches.