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Wife's fling

My wife has what she calls her saturday night fling, where Im allowd to watch her prepare herself, I sit in her bedroom while she dresses, allowing me to see she has decided against wearing panties and bra, and the dress is white and thin enough to allow little to the imagination. she puts on heavy make up, then before she leaves, my hands are fastened behind my back, and Im locked in heer bedroom closet, it has louvered doors. A hour or two later I hear her enter and the two of them have drinks while she talks dirty to him, then they come up to her bedroom.I can see the whole thing,, her sucking him, then them together on the bed and her spread wide while he takes her, she lays back legs apart, while he dresses, and leaves then she sasy come on ot Issa its time for you to clean me up a little. I know Im required to queitly kneel between her legs and lick her clean
What I used to do was dress my wife up with her tits showing, take her to the bar/casino/whatever and have her point out a guy she liked. I then went over and showed him pics of her being fucked. Then we went up to the room