Wife Brings A Stranger


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Lori and I checked into a classy hotel room in Toronto. We shared a hot shower together and both got dressed up to attend a club that was situated only blocks away from the room. Lori put on her pink florescent matching thong and bra set to cover her ample tits and freshly shaved pussy. She threw on a pair of tight black slacks and a matching silk blouse. Her blue eyes ravished after she highlighted them. Her lips appeared luscious after she applied the red tone lip stick. She finished by curling her shoulder length blonde locks into spirals. She looked totally hot!
We had pre-arranged our intentions of the night in a talk-dirty-to-me heated fucking encounter. The plan was to work as such: she would totally come on to a stranger, dance with him, and bring him back to the room for a drink and have uncontrollable sex with him. I, on the other hand, would be hiding in the closest watching all of the action. We had been married for fifteen years and the thought of living out our fantasies was taking great form.
Lori was putting the finishing touches of her make up when she asked graciously if there were any boundaries.

I told her. “Just give me a clear view of you fucking on the bed, and let me fuck your wet pussy right afterwards.”

The sight of a twinkle in her eyes gave her anticipating excitement away. I knew she was a little nervous, but at the same time excited on an even keel.
We went to the club together to check out the live entertainment. It didn’t take Lori long do her thing. She began the evening by asking different guys to dance with her. There were a few here and there that I thought she would pick up immediately; but I didn’t know who the lucky selection was going to be. This is were my excitement began. All of a sudden, I had lost sight of her.
When I lost sight of her, I knew that was my cue to get back to the hotel room and hide out. Lori told me that she would stall her stranger outside of the hotel before going up to the room. So, I hurried back to take my place in the closest. Lori walked her stranger into the room. I was surprised that she picked a big black guy. Unknown to him, only Lori knew of my whereabouts. It was on this night she had someone wrapped around her fingers, and he would be her sex slave for several hours.
Lori and her stranger sat on the edge of the bed and talked for about five minutes. She addressed him as Dave.

As I peeked through the closest doors, I saw that Lori’s stranger had already removed his pants, and her pants were half way off of her legs. The stranger aggressively threw off all the bed linen on the floor. Only the bottom white sheet remained on the bed. This was good from my advantage point. Lori sat next to her stranger who she never met up until now. Both of them sat half-naked next to each other on the edge of the bed.
Before my eyes, I could see both of them starting to kiss each other deeply. Dave slowly unbuttoned her blouse, then he pulled the bra up get to her tits to fall out. He started sucking on her erect nipples, on one, back to the other, and squeezing both tits together to get both nipples in his mouth. Lori laid back. She raised her body so he could un-hook her bra at the back.
I could see that he fumbled with the bra strap and Lori asked, “ I thought all men could do that with one hand in the dark?”
She smiled at him and sat up.
Dave got the bra strap unhooked and as Lori laid back down he went back to work sucking on her tits. Her nipples were beginning to swell. By this time, Lori kicked off her pants. As Dave started to suck her tits she started to rub his cock through his boxers.
Dave moved his hand down to Lori's thong and slid them down to her knees. Lori lifted her nicely round ass to allow Dave to pull them off. The thong came off without question.
He glanced at her trimmed pussy and said in approval, “Nice!”
Her stranger didn’t take long to massage her pussy lips as he continued to suck her tits. She began to moan and her hips were beginning to rock. This new found lover was turning my wife on. Her nipples were fully swelled and changing tone to a deeper redish brown.
I could see Lori’s juices glistening on his index and middle fingers as they pulled in and out of her inflamed lips. This finger fucking went on for several minutes. My first thought up to this point, she isn’t going to take this much any longer! Surely, Lori sat up and her blouse and bra fell off without question. Lori tugged at her new lover to remove his shirt and underwear.
Lori eased Dave to lie back on the bed, she reached down and took his huge black cock in her hand. She moved her blonde locks to the side of her head. She took his cock and guided it into her mouth and started sucking it, sliding her luscious lips up and down over the shaft. My wife paid close attention to his large cock head, sucking it in her mouth and letting it pop out, then she would take as much of his long shaft down her throat as she could and literally fuck his cock with her mouth. When she finally pulled off his dick, some of his pre-cum ran off of her lips and down to her chin. She collapsed onto the bed.

The stranger couldn't take any more. He rolled her over, spread her legs, and positioned his large cock head at the entrance to her pussy. I heard him spit into his palm, and then a finger wanted to massage her tight little asshole. He began to thrust it in and out. This went on for only a few seconds because Lori didn’t have none of that.
Lori commented, “Just fuck me.”
Lori reached under and slid his tool into her cunt. My own cock was stiff as I watched his tool disappear into her cunt. Dave only made a few fast strokes before he pulled out and moved down to eat her hot pussy. He began licking her cunt lips up and down, and was soon driving Lori wild.
My first inclinations were, what a tease this guy.
Lori’s hips arched and she grabbed him by the back of the head pulling him harder into her cunt. She was moaning louder and louder, and I knew she was approaching a climax. Lori flung her hands over her head and grabbed the top of the mattress and continued to arch and buck her hips against his wanton face. Within two minutes she came, moaning with every breath. Only gradually she settled down, her body shuddered from time-to-time in the aftermath.
As Lori sat up, I could tell Lori wanted to be fucked because of her panting, and the juices were running freely over his lips. She pushed Dave back and mounted his extreme hard-on. Lori bent her knees and gave complete access to the new stranger by straddling him.
I got a wonderful glimpse of her frame from the closet door. I was in awe at her creamy-white thighs. I had the perfect rearview as she lowered herself slowly onto his cock, and I almost shot off in my hand as I watched her stuffing herself with another man.
Lori slid up and down the hard cock in what appeared to be in slow motion. Her moans intensified as her strange cock slid all the way in. She leaned forward to kiss him with every stroke. I began to stroke my own cock quickly. I watched that huge pole slide in and out of my wife's wet honey hole. Dave's dick had my wife's pussy stretched to the max. I could see her pussy lips hungrily clinging to his large shaft.

Dave moaned and I could tell that he wasn't going to last long as Lori fucked him. His hips rose to meet her downward thrusts as she fucked him faster. In a minute she was moaning with every breath, she started to come rocking back and forth-on Dave's cock. Dave stiffened and gave a loud hoarse cry, and in a moment I could see his cum running out of Lori's pussy and down to his balls. Then big wet noises were comming from my wife’s pussy. That knowledge pleased me and I wanted her. I knew that Lori was going to savor every moment. The muscles of her cunt tightened around his shaft. It wasn’t long after that she arched her back and gave a little cry.
Lori stopped cumming and pulled herself off of Dave's cock. His cock fell out of her like a wet rag really rung. She had really milked his cock good. Lori rolled over on her back with her legs spread wide with cum oozing out of her open lips. They laid there for a few minutes before Dave got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.
Lori fumbled with her fingers and put them in her hole. I could see her and she took a peek towards the partially closed closest doors. She sucked and licked her fingers for several minutes. She waved my way. I blew her a kiss. In a matter of moments, the stranger came back to the bed. He turned Lori over on her stomach and spread her legs slightly.
I figured after that orgasm he would give her a slow rhythmic fuck. But, I was astonished as he pounded her pussy.

“Harder” I could hear Lori say.
“Come on Baby, fuck me hard.” She was practically begging him.

He continued by pushing his dick into her pussy and then drawing it back out at a fast pace. The pace was fast and furious. Lori’s pussy began to clap and make sounds I never heard before. Both lovers were panting and breathing love grunts. As the rhythmic noises increased, I thought to myself he is going to continue to cum. Sure enough, Lori reached between her legs and I could see her fingers below his cock and he came again. I thought it was over. But no, just as I suspected Lori’s stranger groaned, long and loud. He pulled Lori tightly to him and her ass was banging against his upper thighs and he really started to slam into her. He shoved his cock in and out of her cunt at lightning speed, his fleshy balls bounced wildly against her cunt. I had my cock out and stroked it as fast.

I watched for what felt like hours, my blood was boiling in every erotic way as possible. I wanted my wife right then and there, but I reminded myself this is her night. I knew deep down that she was going to escort this guy out soon and open the closest door and fuck my brains out. I also assumed that her cunt was going through an incredible feeling of clutching and clenching around his shaft. The black stranger dismounted my luscious wife and glanced at her sexy body. I thought for sure that this love episode was to end. It didn’t.
The stranger rolled Lori on her back. I could see that she was getting comfortable on the bed once again. She lowered her back and spread her legs eagerly. I could see her nipples were hard, obviously from all the excitement and the warmth of more than several orgasms. I noticed the stranger taking glances at my wife whenever he could. He even nodded with approval. Once again, Lori put her legs up and spread wide open as possible. Luckily, I could see everything. Then the stranger plunged his cock into her cunt and began pumping it like before. She wrapped his hips with her legs. I intensified my watching.

I glanced at Lori’s face as she tried to bury in a pillow. Her eyes were glazed with a heat and arousal I had never seen in her before. She stared at her trophy. His throbbing shaft and head was entering in and out of her. The stranger began to pump his hard cock into her pussy and fuck her silly. She let go of his cock once to intentional let it slip out to give me some sort of an eyeful. Lori reached down to re-insert her love toy once again. The cock stayed lodged in her pussy, and she began to grunt and moan, her body bucking wildly. Soon his balls tightened with excitement, as the stranger prepared to release his heavy load. Lori began to cum again. The noises became more high pitched and she was pleasured into a new abyss. By now, Lori gripped the shaft more tightly when she became totally overwhelmed by the pleasure. She cried out loudly as his juices filled her pussy and ran down to the crack of her ass and onto the bed sheets.
Lori and the stranger just laid there. I watched my wife and the stranger both lying naked together side-by-side. I couldn’t get it out of my mind, the huge loads that dripped out of Lori’s gaping pussy. I want her now! I thought.

It took several minutes before they both got up. Lori sat next to the stranger and kissed him passionately. The stranger asked her for her phone number and she obliged. Soon afterwards, she asked him politely to leave.
Lori came over to the closet, where I was still holding my cock in my hand. We started to kiss and I slid my hand down between her legs and fingered her wet cunt. Knowing that a strange cock had just invaded my wife’s folds, turned me on even more. My wife knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it for a few seconds.

I threw Lori on the bed and told her that she was a bad girl. She whispered into my ear, “I wanna be punished.”

Lori laid on her back so that I could see her dripping-wet pussy. I stuck my cock right into her cunt. I could feel the strangers slippery juices as my cock slid in and out of Lori. There was no need for extra lube. Lori’s lips were wet and swollen.
As soon as my cock worked all the way up to her button, she held me and said, “I wanna roll over.”
Lori rolled over. Soon my cock was beginning to fill with pleasure.
Lori cried. “Do me harder . . . ohhhhhhh . . . I wanna be punished.”
I felt his semen inside of my wife. Her pussy was well lubricated. It didn’t take me long to create an explosion within her cunt walls adding to the creamy delight. Finally, my cock softened and I held my wife tight. I told her that she was incredible. I’m sure we’ll be doing this again real soon.