A friend asked me why I became interested in black men..It might be that I got the urge from my older sister. She had several black boyfriends. I would come home after school and hear her in our room with one of them then sneak a peek. The darkness of their bodies entwined in her white legs and hearing her delighted squeals made me tingle watching. My first real b/f was half black. We were snogging one day on our settee. He had my knickers and top off when he undid his trousers. It was much darker than the rest of him and so big and thick. He pushed my face down to take him in my mouth but before I relented he released in my face and hair. I shouldn't have minded a bit really but he told all his mates that he'd had me which wasn't true at all... well sort of ;). When I married hubby I never told him of that or the others boys I let do that and more to me tho only licking and teasing with me returning the favours eagerly. It wasn't til two years ago I finally let my BBC fantasy come true with my b/f. He's been amazing. Married as well so I haven't the danger of him sharing our naughty secrets with Hubby


Thought about it but not ready for that. I don't want to leave my Hubby. He would be out the door if I had another man's baby
Hmmm. IMO, you should tell him what you're into. I don't think it's right to keep your trysts a secret no matter how hot they are to you. Maybe the two of you can become swingers?That way, everybody wins.
My goodness. I don't know what it is in the genes of white English girls, but like a lot of them, you have a gorgeous, firm and curvy butt that just turns me on. Just love it. :bounce:
It's more common than you think if 1 woman in a family tries a black guy, or more than 1 that other women in the family look into it. Not always the mother, daughter, sister, etc.. a lot of times it's cousins, friends, etc.

I hope someday hubby is curious, or encouraged by it though. If you let him watch a lot of times, that really seals the deal, because then he's involved somehow.