Why do white sissys love Black men ?

Marie N

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1) Let's face it size was my initial attraction and while it may scare some, proper preparation made the first one to the most recent one pleasurable to the point of tingling nerve ends.i wanted Willy ( he was 18, me 16 ) soo much, he thrilled me upon sight, so i learned how to get around the gag reflex (an accidental swallow proved to do the trick), relax and train that ass ( increasing sizes of toys and ensuring absolute cleanliness essential for comfort) to accept his 10 1/2 x 4 cock. He let me take my time getting used to that rock of manhood but once it was understood that i could enjoy his python fully, Willy never again hesitated to fuck my throat or pound my hole mercilessly.

2) I can't explain the next reason very well: suffice to say that the thought of being a lil white slut who is dominated and used by her Black Master, that gives herself to Him totally, that thrills at the site of a Black Master's hard cock surrounded by swollen lips betweeen the thighs, who can almost orgasm without touch as He renders His cumslave incapable of resistance... all these actions make the white sissy beg to belong to Him.

3) The humiliation of knowing that i , as a male, willingly dress and behave en femme, even tucking away fully so that when He looks at my crotch all to be seen looks like pussy lips), just to turn Him on, to totally put aside whatever blip that nature had when it made me physically XY, for the sole purpose of His pleasure humbles one, acceptance of such overcomes any stigmata attached by society.

4) Let's face it, even we be sissys/subs/bottoms, however one wishes to phrase it, you can't be weak of heart nor timid of emotion to be a sissy. Takes great strength ( of mind and body) to meet such demands and are we really submissive per dictionary reference ? We are getting what we want, so doesn't that mean we are the ones who are iun control ? HELL NO, don't ever try to fool yourself with this rationale. The trruth is we LOVE to be helpless beneath our dark Masters, when He pushes your head further down or drops that dick pubes deep in your mouth , the fear is thrill and you squirm because your nervous system is overloaded by His power.

5) i say with no prejudice or bias, that no man of lighter melatonin concentration has ever made me feel as righteous as a Black Man !!!!

Love and Peace, Marie