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Who else fantasizes about this?

Does anyone else fantasize about their wife/gf's holes permanently adjusting to the width and length of a bbc? To me this is one of the hottest things. Having a bull ruin your wife with his big black cock, and creating an addict out of your wife.
I think it is a bit of a self fulfilling, the large the cock that she has sex with, the less she will feel with you. As she becomes accustomed to the larger cock she will be able to handle even bigger ones.
As soon as you go down the size route, a little/normal cock will never be enough for her again.
I know my hubby loves it when I am stretched out either from a BBC in past of just the BBC toy. He loves the feeling.. Not sure I would ever permanently adjust to that size as would probably have to get fucked every day for a week or more to stay that way and then still think it would eventually go back..


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I understand your point of view. My wife had 8 boyfriends in all her life, with me included. She told me that all of us had big cocks. Even she told me she had never known a guy with an small dick. She had a relationship with two black guys before me, One of them was not completely black, he was a mestizo. However she had endured well their black cocks and they never ruined her white beautiful pussy.


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This is one of hubbys fantasies, he always wanted me really stretched. Im not sure if it does stay stretched though as it is after ive been with guy for a night but if not seen him for a bit it seems to settle back down. It must be larger though as i used to struggle with my large Doc Johnson dildo but now goes in quite easy, unless its because im more relaxed now?