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White women, does it turn you on

my wife loves here big cocks she gets... and does enjoy having me get her lovers stated for her....she hates sucking cock....so having me suck for her make her very happy...she also enjoys tieing up my cock..and really enjoy making me take a load of her lovers cum...
she also loves to tease my cock... 742.JPG


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In all fairness (and to avoid turning some women off to the idea), it should be noted that not all cuckold relationships are demeaning and humiliating for the husband. There are many husbands that happily accept being cuckolded because it gives them joy to have a truly sexually satisfied wife.

It is not necessary to be mean and cruel in order to cuckold your husband. Taunting and teasing can be done in a loving and humorous way just as easily.

As always: different strokes for different folks. :)



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Guess not much interest from the ladies. Given the site demographics I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
Sometimes it takes a while before you get any response. If you go to the cuckold forum list where your topic is listed, to the right you will see the stats of how many people viewed it and how many responded to it. You have about 150 views and four on topic replies, there some that have over 4,ooo views and only 60 replies.

Plus, as you noted, the demographic indicates it will be awhile before you will attract the few white wives that are here and considering openly cuckolding their husbands. That was why I chimed in and noted that cuckolding doesn't necessarily mean they have to humiliate their husbands. Many wives love their husbands too much to want to hurt them in any way, they just want more/different sex and, hopefully, their husbands will want to help them get what they want and enjoy it.
No offense, but I really don't need a lesson re: how to use the site.

Next, my point is that I think a large number of those on this site are fakers and gay/bi white guys just trying to get off by starting up BS threads (stolen pics, made up stories, etc.). For example, every time I see a set of pics posted with a thread titled something like "What would you do to her", it makes me want to hurl.
Additionally, the actual percentage of women who would get off to this is EXTREMELY small. This site
is fantasy land, and again, it's the gay/bi white guy population here that continues to state that ALL white guys are wimps, ALL white guys and white women will eventually be cuckolds/slaves to black men, and other BS along the same lines. In other words, what gets them off.

Now, I have no problem with fantasy since it can be a ton of fun but there's so much noise here from the aforementioned demographic, that way too much time is spent trying to filter it out.