White man give his granddaughter to be bred by a black stud


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I am a grandfather of a beautiful 17 year old girl. I don`t know if I am a pervert but I like to see white women fuck black men and so it came that my granddaughter visit me and grandma and when she visit me at work I let my colleague fuck her in front of me and that same night she got pregnant and I love it .
What a pity that I wasn´t the black guy who made her pregnant. :(
AT first yes but after he was in all to his balls she beg him to fuck her hard and fast and shes like her grandma allergic to the rubber of condoms but the sad story is she had a miscarriage last night and is still in hosapital.
Sorry to hear of her loss , there will be another time but lets focus on her well-being at the moment.....


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Folks ... this is a DEAD THREAD, as it should be. This member (bigmansmall) hasn't posted since back in November. As far as I'm concerned, he was just another suppressed pedophile looking for a forum that would support his sick addiction. If you're writing words of support to individuals that post crap like this, you might wish to examine your own lives a bit. If you don't "call" someone on this stuff when they post it, next thing will be pics and vids of it ... they'll go just as far as people will let 'em go. I say no thanks! Don't need baby/young adult abuse stories or pics! This is a BlackToWhite website ... let's try keeping it on target. Mac ;)