When the cat's away ....


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In my fantasy, my wife hired a young black gardener while I was away. It was a very hot day when he was working and my wife offered him a cold drink, which he accepted. He came into the house to drink it and when he came in he remarked how nice the house was. My wife, being very proud of her decorating, offered to show him around the house, which he gladly accepted. Upon entering the master bedroom he asked if her husband would mind, to which my wife replied that her husband was away but he wouldn't mind anyway. She added that in any case she was free to do what she wanted. After more banter of this nature, one thing led to another and the young man had very hot sex with her. Throughout my wife was shouting out that she loved his large black cock and how hard he was doing it and how much better than her husband. Upon my return, my wife tells me about her new lover and how much she liked it. Now every time I leave on business I know my wife is fucking her young black stud.