what should a cuck boy say duting sex?

It's not so much about what you say as long as you always be sure to express that you will always love and respect her. There are a few things that you can do if you havent already. First get a DVD of interracial sex if you can find a scene with a girl that has similar features as her that would be great. Second get a strap on harness and a black dildo that is a good bit bigger than your penis & wear it & fuck her hard with it while she's watching the DVD
Since she is your fiance I would suggest whatever you say, to do it as a compliment to her:
"Oh baby, you are so hot, any black man would love to be fucking your white pussy right now."
"You would make a big black cock feel SOOO good being in your sweet white cunt."
"I'd love to hold your beautiful tits while you were being pounded by a black cock."
Whatever, make it positive and let her know you are supportive of it, and her.


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Hi my fiance and I have fecently been having bbc fantasies... When I fuck her she always says fuck me like a black guy... I usuallu call her a bbc whore and get her yo tell me what she's done to bbcs... What other things should I say to keep the wilf bbc sex fanrasies going?
Get her to watch some amateur interracial movies with you, get her some erotic interracial sex literature to read, and always instill in her mind that you desire her to try a black man for real!