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What Makes a Bull?


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The question is for my black brothers in here and just about everyone else:

A lot of white couples are often fascinated by the phase 'Black Bull'. One of them asked me the day before, that what's the whole mystique about it? What separates a typical Black Bull from a typical Black man? Is there a feeling to it? A masculine aggression that some people have and others don't... is it that we seem fearless and daunting when it comes to our sexual relationships with white women/couples... Is it our blackness or physique... Our tendency to dominate? Or is it more like a state of mind thing that only folks like us share.

I'd like to throw the question out: What do you think are the qualities that makes one to be referred to as a 'Bull'?


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To have the ability to overwhelm and control a sexual encounter. Not that the bull needs to do that but having your partner understand that you can if you choose.