What is it about?


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I am curious what its about for you. I personally am not into the humiliation side of Cuckolding, I am not really all that into the he has to be black side of it either. For me its purely about her pleasure. I have always thought that it was my job as a husband to please my wife in the bedroom. After a health issue a few years ago, I began to wonder if I am really pleasing her in bed. I began exploring new ways and ideas of pleasing her. I have never make her orgasm when we are having intercourse, its always has to be either me fingering her, or her favorite is me sucking her.

Why I have come here is because recently we were at an adult store and I asked her about sizes and things and she said she wanted to try a bigger dildo. I told her to pick out the one she thought she would like me to use on her. It turned out to be an 8 inch long, really really fat black one. So naturally, my wheels started turning about whether or not she might want a real black one.

How about you, what is it about for you?
Actually, it was always a thing or fantasy aspect for us. What really brought it on was a bday present for hubby and the guy who had emailed was hot as hell and was really comfortable with. Now it has come down to believe it or not the same as you. Hubby has had some medical issues surgery wise with the spine so he cannot weld it like he used to, still greatest at oral and dirty talk, but it hurts the stamina with him from the surgeries not having as much cardio and also sometimes is quick draw and gets real down on himself as there is little he can do about it due to nerve damage and the inflexibility he has in different ways.

He believes like you it is his job to provide for the family and make sure I am happy and if that means me getting fucked good with a dildo or another guy he is very secure enough for that and understands completely. Always a fantasy for him, but this is just more reason for him and he wants to make sure I am good when need it.


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I would never figured anyone else was even close to the same boat.
Do not look at things based on what you hear much in sites such as these. Cuckoldry isn't exactly a pretty-sounding name, and the name just doesn't qualify the use of the word, or its action. The humilatory part is added fantasy, it needs not being involved in how you want it. I've been with couples who wanted it, and as well being with others who never desired a part of it. I usually always ask a couple how they desire the relationship to be, thus neither of us gets out of line. However, its all about what you and your wife want, and letting the bull understand that. If he doesn't or can't roll with it, then let him bounce.


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There is so much missunderstanding & confusion regarding cuckolding. Although cuckolding use to strictly reference a married man who's wife was having sex with other men, its just not being applied that way anymore. Cuckolding is now apply to any partner in an otherwise committed relationship (male or female) in which the other partner cheats and has sex with other partners. I reference Elizabeth Edwards, wife of John Edwards, who referred to herself as being cucked when her husband impregnated another woman, and to the actress Sandra Bullock, when she found out her husband was cheating on her.

For the most part, however, it appears cuckolding is being voluntarily used where the husband remains monogomous while his wife is allowed to take additional sex partners. Its a sexual activity that leverages off emotions. As Dsoul eluded too, true cuckolding is not normally an enjoyable event for the cucked husband. He gets no enjoyment out of the fact that his wife is cheating and having sex with other men, and he has no control over who she has sex with or when she has it. This is why women have trouble understanding WHY their husbands desire them to take lovers; women have been raised to believe "cheating, disloyal men" are terrible, so they have no desire to be with a cheating man. Plus, women have no desire to share their men with other women ... so cuckolding just doesn't make sense to them. Mac :unsure:

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